Do you look for ways to improve your business incrementally?

The best way to get a butt-kicking business that has a steady flow of leads and rakes in the cash is to do something a little better every day. You should always be making small changes on a regular basis and measuring the results of those changes.


Testing doesn’t hurt. In fact, not testing is what’s killing you.

Do you have an 18% open rate on your ezine or newsletter that you’re pretty happy with? You picked a day to send out your ezine based on what ‘experts’ told you was the best day and time, right? Then you got a certain result. But my question is why do you stop there? Why are you happy with your first result?

How do you know that 18% is the absolute best you can do? Test out sending it on a different day or time and see if you can get a better result. Of course we have a regular schedule of when we send our email newsletter and you need to have some consistency in your marketing to build trust and so forth. But it doesn’t hurt to send an email on a weekend or an evening just to see how it performs. You just might be surprised at what you find.


What things can you tweak and test?

Everything! Tweak and test colors, copy, sizing, layout, the sky’s the limit. Change the copy on your call to action, change the layout on your sales page, change the time you post on Facebook, change the way you post links on Facebook, try to generate leads in a new way.


A quick and easy place to start is with your buttons.

  •   Change the color (make sure there’s a high contrast)
  •   Change the size (make sure it’s big enough to see from 6 feet away)
  •   Change the position (give more white space around it so it doesn’t get lost)
  •   Change the wording (make sure it’s clear & add some benefits)
  •   Get rid of copycat buttons (so you don’t get associated with bad people)




If you’ve got buttons like this on your opt-in pages, landing pages or sales pages… switch it out with a custom button that matches your brand look (but is still in high contrast to your page).

The thing is that these yellow buttons below are mentally associated with ‘scam sites’…. you know, those sites that are selling something, but there’s no face or name? There’s just some real slick (hard-hitting) sales copy and no real credibility or recognition of who they heck they are. They get you to buy whatever they’re selling and then you’re very disappointed. Yeah, we all know those sites.

So buttons that look like this are starting to create an automatic ‘mistrust’ when people see them, because they are associating your site with these slimeball sites. So your buttons are a great place to do your first test and see if your conversions improve.


Contentment with the status quo is the #1 killer of entrepreneurs.

Tweaking and testing is not as hard as you might think. For example, we recently made 1 tiny tweak to one of our freebie opt-in pages.  All we did was add a sub-heading. That simple thing got us an 8% increase in conversions. That means that 8% more people landing on that page were taking the action we wanted them to take (signing up on our email list).


You should have an unquenchable curiosity that drives you to find out ‘How much more can I improve?’

We were absolutely thrilled with that increase of course. But something should excite you about testing and tweaking. So we tweaked our opt-in page again by adding 3 simple bullet points, and again the conversions increased by another 6%.

Seriously, you’d think we were happy, but we kept tweaking. We made one more tiny change. We simply added some buttons to show social proof and we got an even bigger increase in conversions of 12%. So those 3 small tweaks gave us a 26% increase in our opt-in conversions on this landing page.


increase conversions with tiny tweaks


There’s always a way to improve, no matter how smart you are.

You might be thinking to yourself, “Why would they show us that they had that much room for improvement on their opt-in page if they are supposed to be the experts at online marketing?” Well that’s the whole point. That’s why we are showing you.

Our entire entrepreneurial life is a history of trying things, tweaking them, and keeping at them until we get insane results! That’s what makes us experts at this conversion stuff. This way of thinking is what makes us experts. It’s what makes us able to see the things you don’t (and can’t) see.

I guarantee you that this way of thinking will change your business drastically. Never stop tweaking until you’ve blown it out of the park and found your sweet spot of maximum impact… then once you find it… set higher goals and tweak some more!


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