art-of-listeningI was sitting here pondering what to share this week and what exactly to blog about (I’m sure you’ve never been there before, you content creating machine, you :)) and well I started really thinking a lot about our latest launch of our Marketing Game Changer program.  We’ve been pouring in so much over the last few weeks getting the page ready, preparing the webinar, answering questions and getting the program ready to completely over deliver and the one thing I noticed as a thread running throughout all we’ve been doing is; listening.  Everyone step we make, every sentence we write, every image we design, every component of the program is a direct result of listening.

We’ve received such tremendous feedback from our last round of graduates and also from our fabulous ‘tribe’ and we’ve listened.  We’ve taken all of the great feedback and have beefed up the program, the bonuses and how we deliver in such an awesome way.  The reason that this was sticking out to me so much is because as entrepreneurs, and even more as a man, we tend to NOT listen very well.  You know what I’m talking about ladies!  You’ve had to repeat that same story 4 times this week because he just didn’t listen any of the previous times, right?  And I’ll tell you being an individual with a major case of ADHD this is something I’ve had to learn and continue to learn in my business and also my marriage.  Listening is an art form.  Listening is one of the most important and valuable skills we can develop as people and entrepreneurs.  Unfortunately many of us haven’t applied this truth in our business and aren’t listening to our market and audience and we leave them feeling “UN-valued”.

Are You Listening To Your Market With A Purposeful Ear?

Have you ever slaved over a landing page?  You’ve tweaked all the copy, created the images, you’ve got the offer just perfect, you know you have an amazing product/program that people need but you wind up not getting the results you wanted or should have.  Why?  Perhaps the reason is because you just haven’t been listening.

Very often we come out of the gate with our products and services in a way that really doesn’t resonate with real people; our people.  And I’m not saying to think about, “what keeps them up at night” that is just sales/marketing nonsense.  I’m talking about understanding real problems your market has and carrying it even further to being able to communicate in words they ACTUALLY use.  This is what listening does. The only way to write copy that converts and works is to know exactly what makes your readers tick.  One of the best ways to understand this is by surveying your market.  But wait, “Mike, I only have a list of 500 or 1000, people won’t really respond to me”.  And that may be true but what you can do is listen clearly when they do speak and take note of the specific words and phrases THEY use to describe their struggles and challenges.  The words they use are the exact words and phrases that will resonate with them and allow them to know you are LISTENING.

Do you translate features into benefits, real tangible benefits?  Do you address real problems and demonstrate how you/your product overcome them?

Understanding exactly who you speak to, how to speak THEIR language and what to listen to will completely transform not only your conversion rate but all of your marketing efforts as a whole!

One of the things we cover in our Marketing Game Changer is “get clarity”.  We walk you through and help you ‘get clarity’ in this area by crafting your message in a way that ATTRACTS ideal clients to you instead of you chasing down one client at a time.  We’d love to help you get this same clarity and move from ‘chasing’ to ATTRACTING clients and we still have a few more spots in our Gamer Changer program open.  You can click below for more information on how to reserve your spot!




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