Knowing, Charging & Getting What You’re Worth

Can you relate to any of the following?

  • You feel guilty charging clients the amount you currently charge.
  • You haven’t raised your prices for years. You know it’s time,
    but you’re worried about the reaction you’ll get.
  • You’re working really hard, but it seems you’re not making money.
  • No matter what you do, it seems that there is never enough for you to
    get ahead in your business. It feels like an uphill battle.

This Training Is For You

The first person you have to sell on ‘price’ is you 🙂 Nobody is going to come along and hand out permission slips for you to charge what you’re worth, or what you want to charge… you have to write your own permission slip…

“You can market yourself til you’re blue in the face… but until you really hit home with the realization of how freakin’ awesome you are… and know how to confidently & graciously command the price you’re worth… it’s going to be hard to get people to pay you.” – Mike & Robin Pisciotta

  • what-worth-mockupBUST THROUGH your limiting self-beliefs that are keeping you stuck, undervalued & underpaid
  • Uncover why “discounting” may actually be sucking you into a trap
  • Learn what your clients REALLY get excited to pay for (and it’s not your time)
  • Find out the #1 ‘trick’ to raising your prices (it’s easy as pie, when you hear it you’ll kick yourself that you didn’t realize it sooner)
  • The golden nugget that will have you making twice the money – in half the time
  • Attract a better level of clients who respect and value you for your true worth
  • Why raising your rates is the BEST way to get results & success out of your clients
  • One simple 10-degree shift that makes selling easier, doors of opportunity open and media mentions drop from the heavens.

You’ll get a 60 minute audio teaching + BONUS PDF transcript. Get the digital download immediately upon purchase, and you can get it for just $97 by clicking the button below…



Robin & Mike Pisciotta are highly sought-after Marketing Mentors & Revenue Strategists who have transformed hundreds of their clients into ‘funnel fanatics’ and ‘leverage lovers’ through list building, email marketing, launches, funnels, automation, and conversion techniques that have resulted in multi-million dollar successes.

Purpose-driven entrepreneurs all over the world are paying attention to what Mike & Robin have to say about leverage, and their strategies that bring accelerated results, without being a slave to your business.   As stay at home parents of a four-year-old son & brand new baby girl, they believe that making tons of money is pointless if you’re strapped for time, so they’ve mastered the art of leveraging and maximizing every ounce of your online marketing so you can serve more people, make craptons of money… and have the freedom to enjoy it all.

“We’re just a couple of crazy dreamers who believe it’s possible for EVERYONE to build unique and profitable biz that everyone’s talking about, while having the freedom to enjoy your life to the fullest.” ~~ Mike & Robin Pisciotta