When it comes to blog post length, many experts debate whether size really matters.

how long should my blog article be?Lots of folks ask the question, “How long should my blog post be?” in hopes of getting some secret weapon kind of information that you can follow and get the results you want, like clockwork, without fail.

But if you’re looking to just go through the motions of something just to get something you want in return, you might as well give up blogging right now because you’re going to waste a lot of time, and not make any money.  Sure, you might get some traffic, but folks buy from people they know, like and trust.  Sounds cliché, but it’s true.


The real deal is that what works for a specific blog post depends on several factors.

What works for you is not going to be the same thing that works for someone else.  The length of your blog post is going to depend on your unique style, the type of industry you’re in, your target market (ideal client), the post topic, the blog category, among other things.


What about SEO?  Aren’t there SEO factors to take into consideration for the length of my blog?

For SEO purposes, your blog should be at least 300 words.  That’s why you see a lot of blogs right around 300-500 words.  The problem is that this is the minimum requirement for a blog post, and folks that are content pushers (blogging daily or multiple times a day) will go for what is the bare minimum in order to get their website crawled.

Okay, so you fulfilled your duty, you pushed out content, your website got crawled, and you may have even increased your traffic, but then what?  Are the readers wow-ed?  Did they get an education?  Do they know you more?  Like you more?  Trust you more?  Do they BUY from you?


A lot of ‘Expert advice’ has you writing to satisfy the wrong people.


Oh, this one really burns my butt and gets me fired up, haha.  Expert after expert will tell you that you need to keep your blog short and succinct so that folks will stay and endure your article.  Here are some blurbs I found online about the subject:

  • Most people who read blogs don’t have a lot of time or patience to read thousands of words of content. They’re looking for quick access to information or entertainment.
  • A range between 400-600 is commonly used as the length that most readers will stick to from start to finish.
  • People are busy, they’re searching for information, they need to get it fast and get out. 
  • People have short attention spans, they’re busier today than ever before, if you don’t keep it short, you’ll lose them. 


Well, I don’t know about you… but I don’t want folks to endure my stuff, I want them to eat it up!

Blogging is content marketing.  Content marketing is attraction marketing.  Attraction marketing is based on you letting you out, being you in your unique style, giving the valuable content that is useful to the types of people you want to attract to your business. 

I’m not writing for people who are looking for ‘quick access’ to something.  I’m not writing for folks who want to take what I give, get in and get out.  I’m not writing for people who won’t be able to stick with me ‘from start to finish’.  I’m not writing for people who are ‘too busy’ to soak up what I have to give.  Those people would never buy from me.

I am writing for folks who hang on every word, excited to see what the next paragraph says.  I’m writing for folks who are inspired and challenged by what I’m giving them.  I’m writing for folks who are in search of answers to grow their business and are super glad they found me!  I’m writing for folks that aren’t ‘enduring to the end of my article’, but who are sad when it’s over.  I’m writing to attract these folks.  These are the people that I love to work with, and these are the people that will buy from me. 


The proof is in the pudding.

Long blogs work for me.  I get new clients left and right, and they even specifically tell me they wanted to work with me because of my blogs.  Some have even gone as far to tell me that blogs ‘captured them’ while most blogs do not.  So it works for me.  I attract the people who value my expertise… If everybody else doesn’t like it and leaves, that’s fine with me.


If you need even more pudding…

For those of you that like to see data and research, the most important blogging analysis ever analyzed the world’s most popular blogs and found that on average, the posts had 1,610 words.  There’s also an analysis of the most tweeted blog posts ever and studies proved that Twitter users like posts that are around 1,100 words long.  So it looks like long blogs work for lots of other folks too.


A little something extra for the data lovers…

Viperchill did an in-depth analysis on different industries to see the average post length in each and here’s what they found:



Metrics Always Trump Advice

What makes people successful in business is measuring results and knowing your own numbers.  So I’ve given you a big ole heapin’ helpin’ of my opinion and advice, and I’ve given you some stats of what other folks say… But that doesn’t mean one way works for everyone.

The point is that nobody can tell you what’s right or wrong in this area, you need to know what’s working and what’s not.  If you aren’t getting new clients from your blog, then try to change it up.  If you’re not focusing on your goals, getting clients and making money… then you lost the point of having a blog in the first place. 


I’m Curious…

I absolutely love watching my numbers, testing, tweaking, analyzing and improving.  I’m a total control freak in the area of my business metrics and I watch them like a hawk.  That’s why I can be so confident to go against the grain of what the ‘experts’ are saying because I know what works in my business.

But being such a data lover, I’m curious to know what’s working in your business?  What industry are you in and what length do you keep your blogs? *** Comment Below ***

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