Let’s first start off by saying that you NEED to be list building. It doesn’t matter what type of business you have… seriously. If you have a brick and mortar location, or if you’re online only… if you’re a restaurant… a realtor… a pet grooming place… an online biz coach… whatever.

So many people ask us about this and the need to have a list. And we always reply with, “ABSOLUTELY! You MUST have a list and you MUST be in list building mode constantly!”

Having a list is how you keep the conversation going with your customers and prospects. They visit you ONCE, either in person, or online… and then they will eventually have to leave. So what happens then?

This is your way to stay in touch with them and keep talking to them, keep building value, build a relationship and get to know each other AFTER THEY’RE GONE from your place of business (website). Every person on the planet has an email address, so building an email list is THE cheapest, quickest and best way to be able to keep a conversation going with people.

So, when should you start with list building?

Right now. Don’t wait until everything is perfect, and until everything makes 100% perfect sense, and until you’ve got a plan for what emails you’re going to send them once you get them on your list… all that is important of course… but don’t wait to start building your list.

So even if you don’t have your freebie figured out yet (if not our Marketing Game Changer will walk you through creating a killer freebie that wows your prospects) there are still ways to start building your list, online and offline, and you should program your mind to be a list building machine from here going forward. Look at every opportunity, every place you go, every person you meet, look for opportunities to build your list.

But you’ve got to do this the right way. GIVE VALUE. Seek to be of service. Seek to be a giver. People will gladly want to be on your list if you’re always seeking to help them be better people, help them build their businesses, help them make more money, help them in whatever way.

List Building No-Nos

We see some pretty wacky things being done far too often and it will get you ‘blacklisted’ quicker than you can imagine. You’ll get on the radar of other entrepreneurs and start to be known as the ‘spammer’ and all of that.

Here are some major no-no’s…

  • Do NOT add contacts to your list manually of people you collected biz cards from while networking. This is NOT permission-based marketing. This is spamming. These people gave you their biz card, they did not give you permission to email them your newsletter and all your specials every week.
  • —> An alternative would be to send them a follow-up email telling them it was nice to meet them at XYZ event, and you’d like to offer them a great free resource, then give them the link to your freebie and let them choose if they want to opt-in or not. (this alternative is no longer applicable if you live in Canada or market to people in Canada. Read more about the new Canada Anti-Spam Legislation here)
  • Do NOT add contacts to your list manually of people attended an event you were speaking at (and the organizer of the event gave you a list of all the registrants) Again, same concept here. The better thing to do would be to send a personally written email to the registrants, thanking them for coming out to hear you speak, telling them how much you enjoyed it, and offering them a link to download (opt-in) for your free gift. —> Ideally, you’d be focused on actively collecting email addresses from the stage (where you’re in charge and directing the room) with an order form that they turn in at the back.)
  • Do NOT export your LinkedIn contacts and then upload them all to your email marketing system. Huge no-no. Just because people wanted to ‘connect’ with you on LinkedIn does not mean they gave you permission to email them on a regular basis with your marketing materials. —> Alternatively, you would send an email to your new connections, saying hello, getting to know them better, and offer them your freebie (you see why the freebie is so important?)

So how about you? Are you building your list CONSTANTLY? Are you guilty of some of these no-nos? If so, it’s not the end of the world. Now you what not to do. We’ll be hosting a webinar in the next week showing you exactly what TO do.. and you can sign up for free below:


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