A few weeks back I sent out a message about ‘client attraction’ which lead me into an interesting  convo over on Facebook… If you haven’t noticed we happen to spend A LOT of time on Facebook.  Why?  Because it works.

Facebook is hands down our number one source of leads and new business.  In fact, in the last 7 days alone we’ve done $7250 in sales just off Facebook.  So yeah, it works.

Any-hoodle. Back on track now. 🙂

The convo on Facebook started when I saw someone post in a group about one of those ‘like exchange’ thingees…  You know what I’m talking about here.  The ‘you like my page and I’ll like yours’… crizz-ap 🙂

Well I absolutely had to chime in on the convo because not only does that junk NOT work…  It actually hurts your efforts.  Here’s why… (and this is exactly what I shared)

The main problem with this is that it isn’t targeted nor focused. What folks don’t understand about FB is that just having ‘likes’ doesn’t mean that number of folks see your stuff. Nor do ‘likes’ equal sales.   Along with that when you add in more ‘numbers’ of random folks you water down the pool thus guaranteeing the REAL fans of your page will most definitely NOT see anything you share.”

hope-marketing-list-buildingWe like to call this ‘hope marketing’ (I didn’t make that up Jeff Walker did… so props to him 🙂 ) It’s like just a roll of the dice.

Just ‘hoping’ random folks who randomly ‘like’ your page will become customers.

Doesn’t sound like a winning strategy, does it?

Maybe you’ve been in this place.  ‘Hoping’ those folks who land on your website will call you or buy your stuff.  Or…

‘Hoping’ that the little opt-in form on your page will ‘magically’ make folks opt-in…  Even ‘hoping’ that just plastering your stuff all over Facebook will grow your business…  And by now you’ve probably that this whole ‘hope’ approach just ain’t where it’s at.

Not too long ago I shared with about client attraction and tons of folksies stepped up and snagged up ‘List Building Machine’ in response… ( we even added in a nice little 2-pay option to make it easier for folks to get this thing working in their biz)

And I know that those who did are starting to see their inboxes dinging like mad with new subscriber after new subscriber…  And new sale after new sale.

As a matter of fact here’s something Nicola had to say about List Building Machine just the other day.

Fab stuff in there that is actionable and better still, gives results. Just implementing the “7 sign up areas” has worked wonders.”

It ain’t about ‘hope marketing’… or ‘chasing’ lead after lead…

It’s all about having a proven, leveraged system that works like a machine.

That’s why we call it ‘List Building MACHINE’…

Oh, and in it we teach you how to turn Facebook into your Number One source for hot leads

You can learn more about that bad-boy right here:


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