suzanne evans, mike & robin pisciotta, be the change eventSo when you read the title of the blog, I’m sure you laughed a bit or chuckled to yourself.  There was slight pun intended.  So let’s try to get our minds clean and focused first before we dive in 🙂


Why are you in business?

We just spent 4 of the most amazing, business building days of our lives at Suzanne Evans “Be the Change” event here in Orlando, Florida and let me tell you it was awesome.  One thing that really blew me away was when people were asked ‘Why are you in business?’… I couldn’t believe how many people did not have ‘making money’ as their reason.  They had another reason or another focus.  It blew my mind because these are the same people working like dogs, worn out months later, wondering “Why aren’t I making any money?”

So if you’ve been around us for any length of time you’ll know that we are all about building businesses that are profitable and make tons of money.  Of course the purpose comes along with it, of course you help people, of course you change lives in the process, but you’ve got to make money first.  That’s what your business is for.  If your business stopped making money – how many people would you be able to keep helping?


Silly oxymoronic thoughts keep you paralyzed in inaction

Have you ever thought thoughts like, “I can’t run a program or launch a product until I have more money.”  “I can’t start promoting and selling to my list until it’s bigger.”  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard (and even said myself in my earlier years) things like this.  When it all boils down, you’re really saying that you can’t build your business, and you can’t start making money and being successful… until your business is built up and somewhat successful already.  You can’t grow your business until it’s grown.  WHAT?!  That’s so oxymoronic.

If you’re sitting over there whining because you only have 108 subscribers on your email list.  STOP IT!!  If you’re discouraged because you send out emails and no one buys anything.  STOP IT!!  If you’re sitting there thinking, “It’s easier for ‘so and so’ to grow because they have a big list”, STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!


It’s NOT the Size of your List… It’s How You Work It!  Period.

make money with your email list


If you haven’t been working your list, no matter how small it may be, then it’s your own fault that you’re not getting any results.  So first and foremost you have to recognize that the reason you’re not seeing the results you want is because you’re just not doing something right.  Most often it’s the tiny little shifts that make the biggest changes for your business.  You still with me?  Good!


Do your subscribers love hearing from you OR do they cringe every time an email from you hits their inbox?

When your phone rings and you look at the caller ID, you’ll have one of two reactions – you’re glad to answer the call – or you avoid it.  You have excitement or dread.  It’s a friend or a salesperson.  It’s a benefit to your day, or an interruption to your day.

Email marketing is just like any other form of marketing, it’s all about the relationship between you and the potential client.  Every email you send out should be focused on strengthening that relationship.  If all you send out is promotional material then your subscribers won’t trust you.  They won’t anticipate your emails.  They won’t love hearing from you.  And they certainly won’t want to buy from you or work with you.


Don’t be afraid to give your peeps so much value they simply can’t help but love you! 

One of the things you’ll hear form us over and over again is that, “You have to give value”.  So many coaches and entrepreneurs try to “hold back” the goods thinking that people won’t want to work with them or buy from them if they give away all the goodies but we’ve found it to be just the opposite.  People will NEVER want to work with you or buy from you until they trust you and until they trust that YOU are the expert they need.  So if you’ve been holding back and not sharing your best stuff then you’ve been doing your tribe a terrible disservice, no matter what size that tribe is.


The kicker… if you want to make money, you need to make offers

Now I wanted to flip this around a little bit because many of the entrepreneurs we work with (especially women) are pretty darn good (even extraordinary) at the relationship building part BUT they never make an offer.  They never let people know what they have and so they find themselves wondering, “Why don’t people ever buy from me?”  HELLO!!  They don’t buy from you because you didn’t ask them to.  They don’t buy from you because you’ve never told them what is for sale.  They might know what you’re about, and they might know the main topics you cover, but they have no idea what’s for sale, no idea what working with you looks like.  So if you’re over there going “Yeah that makes sense”, the question is, “What are you going to do about it?”

If you want to make money… you need to make offers

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The size of your list doesn’t matter.  If you’ve been hiding behind that lie it’s time to step out and start working that list, no matter how small it may be. 

Here are the four most basic things to keep in mind that will have you working the heck out of your list, no matter the size:

work your email list no matter how small it is

So get workin’ it and find a nice balance with these 4 things.  Remember that people won’t buy from you until they trust you and trust that YOU have what they need.  And they’ll NEVER buy from you if they hate getting your emails.  So be someone that adds value to their lives where they look forward to hearing from you.  And the most important they CAN’T buy from you if you don’t offer them anything.

And if you can identify with being someone who is constantly busy doing lots of things in your business, but not making money in all of it… we’d love to invite you to our NO-COST Marketing Game-Changer Teleclass tomorrow, April 30th @ 2pm EST.  This teleclass is going to go over some of the biggest misconceptions in marketing, and show you how to make little shifts for BIG impact on your bottom line.  << CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE & REGISTER FREE >>


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