How We Went From Selling Dumpster Trash To Making Our First $100,000 Online…

MYP_LGM-SalesPagePic-8Look, what we’re about to share is downright embarrassing.

This is a picture of a very special dumpster.

It was one of the dumpsters we used to go to, late at night, to find trash to sell on Ebay & Craigslist.

Yup. Things had gotten so bad for us that this was the ONLY thing we could think of to get cash in our bank account FAST.

Ever Hear The Phrase, When It Rains It Pours?  Well, That’s What Happened To Us.

It was the end of 2008, when the economy tanked.

So business slowed down because of that.

On top of that, “the powers that be” were expanding the highway right in front of our local VA business.

Business was already slow, and being forced to move locations pretty much put the nail in the coffin of our brick and mortar business.

Then, we hit our “turning point”.

It was early in the morning, the weather was sunny & warm, and we were talking about the rent being due so we went online to check our bank balance and…

We found out we had only $40 in the bank

On top of that we recently found out our first baby was on the way…

This was one of the scariest days of our lives. 

But We Made a VOW.  A Vow That Would Change EVERYTHING For Us.

We vowed we would do whatever we needed so this NEVER happens to us again…

And in our journey, we stumbled upon a system.

And this system propelled us to the life of our dreams.

However, even though we’ve been very successful, we’re not big fancy gurus.

We’re EXACTLY like you are in so many ways.

We’ve both:

  • Been slaves to our business, busy as all get out, and with no money…
  • Struggled to figure out how to make all the parts work together…
  • We’ve felt the same deep frustration

Even felt like giving up at times.

The only difference between you and us?  We had some lucky breaks.

And these lucky breaks led us to  this “system” to getting all the clients you want

This Is a Client-Attraction System Created For Men And Women, Like Us, Who Want To Achieve:

More clients than you know what to do with…

A Marketing Machine that positions you as “the go-to person” in your niche…

Gets clients chasing YOU instead of you chasing them.

This is the System we’ve used to:

Take dream vacations whenever we want…








Spend time with John, our 2 year old son.

Knock things off our “bucket list”…



Featured in major publications…


And work with leaders in our industry…

mike pisciotta, robin pisciotta, larry winget, james wedmore, nick unsworth, angelique rewers, monica shah, kristin thompson, casey zeman, nancy matthews

We Couldn’t Keep This To Ourselves. Not When We Hear Gut-Wrenching Stories Like This…

“I don’t understand why I’m not making any money online…

“I did everything I was supposed to do. I did what all the experts say.

“I implemented fast and took action, but nothing has really changed with my income, and I’m even more worn out and confused than I was before.”

That was what a client told us in frustration.

online marketing frustrationOn top of that, nobody could tell her what the answer was.

She felt like there was something wrong with her – like she was to blame.

She felt she had to keep searching for some “magic ingredient”.

Something that would break the cycle of spending more money and wasting more time.

The sad part is we hear this all the time.

The REALLY sad part is that nobody out there is teaching you how to get out of this cycle. 

We Had A Moral Responsibility To Help
People Like Her… But We Weren’t Sure If We Could Produce The Same Stellar Results For Others As We Have For Ourselves…

Well, we did share our system.

And the results? Well, we’ll let you hear it from them

“I had been thinking of re-designing my website for some time as my summer project but I wasn’t decided what direction to go yet. Then, I hooked up with Mike & Robin through my private FB group and I am so GLAD I DID! I got exposed to new ideas, online marketing strategies as well as gazillions of new concepts, at least to me.

“Mike & Robin over-delivered on this coaching, giving away more than I’ve EVER had coaches give before.

“Every week for 8 weeks, they were over the top in their training, clear, precise, simple with strategic action steps to build on. As a small business coach myself, I was totally impressed by the expertise they shared with the group. The old saying, “If you want to be a coach, YOU have to be coachable” proved true! I could clearly see these guys knew what they were talking about BECAUSE they had been coachable themselves. That is the highest compliment – a good coach is constantly learning and going higher.

“Since implementing what I learned, these are some results:

  • Increased my income 30%
  • My blog traffic increased from 2000-5000 views to 5000-8000 views daily,
  • I get 3-4 sales conversations booked a week, these are targeted leads who already know they need or want what I offer, no convincing needed! Woohoo!

“Game Changers Rocks!!! I highly recommend Marketing Game-Changer to anyone looking to grow their business online. What you will learn from Mike & Robin will absolutely take your business to places unseen before. Take a step of faith and GO FOR IT!”

Norma Doiron | Business Coach |

“I loved Mike & Robin’s energy and the way they were presenting themselves – something said you HAVE TO get their program… I followed my gut intuition, I signed up, and I don’t regret it at all.

“When I started Marketing Game-Changers I had just launched my website and it was very boring – and the things they were teaching me, I was like “Oh my gosh, I’ve been a blogger for 9 years, how don’t I know this?”

“I’m just super excited, because of the Marketing Game-Changer Program, I got a quick cash injection of $2000 right away, I have 16 events that I’m doing, actually 2 days ago, I’ve now landed three of my biggest clients ever … and I’m waiting on confirmation for my fourth biggest client … I also got 3 media mentions, a radio interview… and I am on 1st page of Google!”

Marilyn Arriaga | Goodie Bag Coordinator |

“Mike & Robin and their Game-Changer program gave me not only the clear and concise information I needed to grow my business, but the accountability and encouragement to make sure I actually followed through and made things happen. I was able to organize the seemingly insurmountable mountain of tasks that I had been putting off and actually turn them into landing pages, copy, sales funnels, etc.

“My website has become completely lead capture based and my copy went from being all about me and my business to copy that is compelling and actually generates leads and sales!! My Alexa rank went down from 1.8m to 600k by the end of the program and my opt-ins have started rolling in as well.

“I am thrilled that I now have specialized landing, sales and squeeze pages that targets specific visitors and maximizes conversions so when I run ads, ppc or other advertising, I can be get the most out of it. I’m a web developer who “already knew” about internet marketing, but I got TONS out of their program, because they make it relevant to you and apply lessons and techniques in ways that will amaze you. I feel like I’ve been able to get my arms around my own internet marketing. Thanks, Mike and Robin!!”

Josh Adams | WordPress Web Design/Development Expert |

“In April, I realized that I needed some help with clarity and direction for my business. I was working all the time, putting in much effort, and not getting much back for that effort. I started looking for potential programs that could help me and I almost signed up for a program that I fell in love with – only it cost nearly $9,000 and I would be making payments on it for several years.

“The same weekend that I was feeling bad that I couldn’t justify spending that much money, I somehow found the webinar from Mike & Robin. I didn’t even hesitate. I signed up right there on the spot. I recognized in their webinar that they could provide me with the framework and accountability that I was craving for my business…. and it was a STEAL of a DEAL compared to the other programs I had been investigating.

“I am so happy I signed up. I have come to respect both Mike and Robin immensely for their knowledge and skill sets and the way they have their programs set up. I’ve been pushed to complete important items on my to-do list, to refine my website, my social media presence, my perspective on my clients, to think bigger, and so much more. I know that I have received far more in coaching and training than what I have paid for the course. The information is invaluable… you won’t regret signing up!

“Besides all the clarity and personal growth, I have tripled my email list, I got picked up by some press to feature me in articles, and in less than 24 hours I got 341 Facebook fans! This is PROOF of the awesomeness of the information we’ve been learning in class! Thank you, thank you!”

Janet Stephenson | Transformation Coach |

We Were Blown Away With The Results
People Were Having…

Not only that, they were making changes in their lives

We wanted it to be a system anyone could follow. A system that purpose-driven entrepreneurs could use to totally change the game they were playing

But more than anything, we want to help you END the game of chasing customers and “magic potions”…

… and get you playing the game of changing people’s lives.

We’ve put in years of research, and created a formula for attracting all the ideal clients you can handle.

And we did it all with folks like you in mind…

We call this one-of-a-kind System…


mike pisciotta and robin pisciotta marketing game-changer training and coaching program

“The step-by-step system to work what you’ve got, to consistently generate leads, a flood of hyper-targeted traffic, and a steady flow of sales…”

Imagine waking up to emails from highly-qualified prospects craving to work with you…

  • No more mind-numbing networking events…
  • No more blogging for nothing
  • No more useless hours on Facebook that wins you nothing but a popularity contest…

Instead, the most ideal clients seek you out and ask you if you’ll take them.

That’s what the Marketing Game-Changer does for you.

Marketing Game-Changer Is The Direct Result Of Over 8 Years Of Study, And Years Of Digging Through The Trenches To Find What REALLY Works…

dan-kennedy-bill-glazer-ron-legrand-rich-schefren-mike-pisciottaRemember the VA business we lost because of the highway expansion?

Well, transcription was one of the services we offered.

As it turns out, we did transcription for some of the biggest names in marketing!

Names like Dan Kennedy, Ron Legrand, Rich Schefren and Bill Glazer to name a few.

And we had access to their secrets.

Secrets people paid tens of thousand of dollars to get their hands on.

We Didn’t Realize It, But We Were
Sitting On A Gold Mine.

This was information privy to their inner-circle clients. Decades of master’s level savvy at our fingertips.

But trudging through it all was daunting.

It’s one thing to have a ton of golden nuggets.  Creating a clear-cut action plan was another.

We had very little money, and a new child on the way, that we wanted to have time for. It HAD to be simple and easy to use.

There were days we worked 16 hours straight.

Several times we had to start from scratch.

But, as you recall, we made a VOW.

We saw others doing it. So we knew it could be done. We just had to make it work for US and our lifestyle goals.

But we had our “eureka” moments and came up with a system that worked.

And the results were immediate.

And Now, Our Success Can Be Your Success… Without The Pain, The Frustration Or The Trial And Error

The techniques we studied and successfully put to use, allow YOU to:

  • Simplify your business and make 4x as much money and in less time.
  • Stop spinning in circles. Market yourself with ultra-clarity for max profits.
  • Create a website that makes money while you sleep.
  • Make small yet strategic decisions each day to guarantee paying clients…
  • Eliminate all the wondering. Make crystal clear, snap, CEO decisions without hesitation.

“There’s nothing more exciting than coming home from date night to new emails saying ‘You just received a payment’…” Mike & Robin Pisciotta

Now, Before We Go Any Further,
We Need To Come Clean:

If you’re looking for another magic potion (something you ALREADY KNOW will never work for you in the long run)…

Then you need to leave this page right now. This is not for you.

We see all the ridiculous “shiny objects” being sold on the web today.

We see all the over-blown promises to “crush the competition” with “the push of a button”.

We too are disappointed when we see big gurus promoting a course as the ONLY answer you will ever need.

mike pisciotta and robin pisciotta testimonials for marketing game-changer programOnly to find it is a set-up to sell you the next product.

The Marketing Game-Changer isn’t pie-in-the-sky fantasy land nonsense.

It’s the real deal.

It’s for folks who are serious about getting a flood of clients.

In short, there are no easy answers.

But with The Marketing Game-Changer, it’s as easy as it gets.

“Mike and Robin have created a totally comprehensive, step-by-step plan, that finally makes sense of what can be a confusing and costly world. Follow this system, and you will finally know exactly what to do to make more money online.”

Kristin Thompson | Speaker & Coach |

“Before enrolling in the Marketing Game-Changer, I was floundering as I sought to build my coaching business and was very skeptical after having shelled out big money on a program that left me in the same place I was before I began. I am so thankful I put my trust in Robin and Mike!

“Not only did they deliver on their promises, they OVER delivered with all the high-level strategies and individual care and attention I received! As I look back, I am amazed at all that they crammed in our few short weeks together!!

“When I started, I really was not focused on my ideal client, and now I really have a sense of who I can help and how I can help them, and that has just changed my business dramatically because now I know that I can just target certain people and not have to talk to the whole world. Now I’m specific about it, I’m not just hoping that somebody will come along. I am now getting new clients weekly – a client a week is fabulous.

“I have such a solid foundation to build on as I move forward. One of the greatest breakthroughs I had with Mike & Robin was that I have hope …it really IS possible to make my mark in the online world and build a sustainable business. This has been an invaluable lesson for me both personally and for my business!

“I would absolutely recommend Marketing Game-Changer and Mike & Robin as wise mentors, because I now have more determination than ever to achieve the results I want and I owe it all to this program. I’m so thankful.”

Cindy Taylor | Direct Sales Strategist, Coach & Speaker |

Let’s Take A Look At What’s Included
In Marketing Game-Changer:

Get Clarity

NOTE: This is the most important module. The rest of the modules will not work without this.

Most clients we work with are not clear enough about who they should be targeting.

They think they are doing it right. But we’ve found there are HUGE holes in how they target their ideal customer.

This is the #1 reason you may feel like you are chasing your tail.

  • How to craft your “dream client”.  When you get clarity on who this is, you suddenly start to “see them” everywhere. Your marketing is simple when it focuses on attaining this ONE type of customer.
  • Uncover the secret to becoming a “client magnet”.  When you discover how to do this right, attracting your ideal client becomes easy.
  • How you may be unknowingly repelling your ideal customer. You won’t believe how often we see this.  But once we help clients clear this mental block, they “magically” get clients who are happy to pay them.
  • Discover the science of creating raving fans.  Watch out though, these are simple, yet POWERFUL techniques…
  • The secret key to making your customer build your brand for you.
  • Our “Referral Explosion” technique.  See how to unlock a burning desire in others to refer ideal clients to you.

mike pisciotta and robin pisciotta marketing game-changer program

VALUE: $597


Client Attraction

In this module we’re going to talk about building your free offer. We’re going to talk about your copy. We will show you how to make it the most juiciest, BEST content you have.

  • A proven way to find the right words to put on your website that makes your ideal customers say, “I want to work with YOU! NOW!!!” [The best part is it is free]
  • 3 ways to find the perfect words and phrases that convert visitors to hungry prospects.
  • How to use personality in your copy without losing clarity. [It’s a delicate balance, and you NEED to know where to use personality and where it’s an absolute no-no.]
  • What your website visitors are REALLY craving for [and it’s not your credentials – the REAL thing they want is actually refreshing and will make you LOVE marketing again!]
  • Build your lead magnet (free offer) and a high-converting landing page with our help!


mike pisciotta and robin pisciotta testimonials of marketing game changer program

mike pisciotta and robin pisciotta testimonials of marketing game changer program

VALUE: $597


Website Strategy

Your prospects are going to go to your website to learn more about you. It’s just what they do. 

In this module, we show you how to create a website that “speaks” to your prospects and gets them to do the exact thing YOU want them to do. (Yes, you have that control.  You can get people to do what you want instead of surfing around willy-nilly).

  • How to take control of your website design. Most website design does not make people take action. It may give you compliments. Maybe even “Ooh’s and Ah’s” but no action. No sales.
  • Discover the 6 questions you need to answer in the first 5 seconds of arriving on your site. The amount of customers you lose by not answering these 6 questions is staggering.
  • How to keep the attention of your ideal customer when they land on your site. Keeping their attention is 100 times harder than getting it.
  • Find out what the #1 goal of EACH page of your site is supposed to be.
  • Where every single power-packed high-converting area is on your site.  (Some of them will surprise you, we won’t leave one spot under-utilized).  And we’ll show you what to add in those secret spots so you’re capturing ALL the folks that are HOT for your goods and not missing out.

mike pisciotta and robin pisciotta testimonials for marketing game-changer program

VALUE: $597



Now that your website is ready to turn your ideal customers into hungry buyers, it needs to be SEEN.

When we first built our site, we went from getting ZERO leads (email addresses) to getting over 2,000 leads of targeted prospects within the first 3 months.  Our calendar stays FULL with folks who want to work with us.

You get to do it without any of the mistakes we made.

  • How to optimize your website to rank on Google so your ideal customer finds you when searching. [More than half of the sites we see are not even doing this]
  • How to write blog posts that readers want to share with everyone.
  • When to RUN AWAY from someone who promises to get your website ranked.
  • Understand what Google’s goals REALLY are.
  • The right way to use keywords with your blog posts and website pages. Don’t just make them up.
  • There are certain keywords that attract buyers. The rest of the keywords attract tire kickers. This strategy alone will save you boatloads of time from chasing the wrong thing.
  • The #1 plugin you must have if you are going to show up in front of your ideal customer.
  • 9 steps to optimizing each and every blog post.
  • How to get your website found on Facebook without you having to do anything.
  • The hidden dangers of guest blogging. You could be ruining your online visibility by not knowing what we are going to share. Stop guest blogging until you hear what we have to say.
  • How to create your 30 minute weekly ritual to snowball your visibility and media coverage like never before.

mike pisciotta and robin pisciotta testimonials for marketing game-changer program

mike pisciotta and robin pisciotta testimonials for marketing game-changer program

VALUE: $597



Your customers require credibility. If you want to play a big game, attract the quality and volume of clients that give you the freedom you want, you need credibility.

The steps we show you are what got us featured in these publications – all for free:


  • How to get reporters in the biggest media publications to feature you.
  • 6 tips to get killer testimonials.
  • The 3 ingredients of an awesome testimonial. [All testimonials are not created equal, and without GOOD testimonials, you’re better off without them.]
  • A sure-fire way to get rave testimonials. Asking for testimonials is one thing… GETTING them is another.  This is the easiest way to fill your website with rave testimonials that make your competitors green with envy.
  • Templates for you to create media stories to give to reporters so they feature you in their articles.
  • Press Release templates to get your business name out there in a big way
  • Understand what metrics the ‘big dogs’ pay attention to before they will even consider collaborating with you.

mike pisciotta and robin pisciotta testimonials for marketing game-changer program

VALUE: $597


Social Media Strategy

How are you showing up publicly?  This module will help you determine your positioning and how you want to be received.  You have control over what people think and say about you.

People need to have expectations of who you are.

Plan what you look like in advance. Don’t let others decide for you.

  • Warning: You might be repelling some of your best customers. We show you what you need to avoid on your social media sites. [You won’t believe what we end up having to clean up on client’s sites.]
  • How to create your “Social Media Brand Identity”. You’ll discover the two ingredients that turn you into a celebrity brand.
  • How to create your content strategy & schedule. Systematize your social media posting to get the snowball effect.
  • What numbers and metrics you should REALLY care about.  You can’t pay your bills with ‘likes’ or ‘engagement’.
  • How to create Facebook ads to drive highly targeted prospects to you for pennies. We walk you through the set up and the messaging of your ad.  This one video training alone is something others charge $1000 for!

mike pisciotta and robin pisciotta testimonials for marketing game-changer program

VALUE: $597


Tools, Gadgets & Amplifiers

This is one of our most powerful modules.  One of the biggest myths we always hear about is the myth, “If I present myself well, and people like & trust me, sales will just happen”.  That is not the case.

Sales occur, because you do lots of little things that keep your ideal prospects moving towards the sale.

You need to know what those little things are.  Bit by bit, the more value you give them, and the more opportunities they have to sign up, the more sales you will make.

  • Our “secret weapon” for getting viral exposure, selling high-ticket products on auto-pilot, increasing customer loyalty and earning affiliate commissions… in one step. [Yes, it’s that good]
  • Discover 5 must-have plugins. These plugins turn your website into an automatic client-generating machine.
  • Tools that automatically tweak and improve what you already have in place for maximum conversions.

VALUE: $597


Here’s How The Marketing Game-Changer System Is Delivered…

MYP_SalesPg_GreenIcons-StrategyTraining60-75 minute strategy sessions. It’s important for you to understand the hardcore results-driven WHY behind the things you’re going to be doing, otherwise you’ll end up in the same place you’ve been, just doing things and not getting results.

MYP_SalesPg_GreenIcons-Video&ScreenVideo & Screen Sharing. We know that everyone learns in different ways. So instead of having ONLY audio training, we also do some screen sharing where necessary. You will also get supplementary video training walk throughs to ensure everything makes perfect sense.


MYP_SalesPg_GreenIcons-Q&AQ&A via Facebook Group. That means each week throughout the program, you get access to us for personal attention. Most programs do not offer this type of personal touch. But with Marketing Game-Changer you will get this personal attention as-needed.


MYP_SalesPg_GreenIcons-AssignmentsAssignments for getting into action. You’re not just going to sit there and listen in on conceptual theories. After each training session, you’ll be given step-by-step assignments to implement the things you just learned. These assignments don’t leave anything to guesswork, we lay out the exact steps for you to take.



MYP_SalesPg_GreenIcons-FacebookPrivate Marketing Game-Changer Facebook Group. Make great friends and some folks have even found clients and referral partners in the group! This is also the place to ask even more questions in between our weekly sessions. (Can you see the level of personal support you get?) Plus, it’s a great way to gain perspective by sharing ideas and opinions with others (and seeing their questions get answered).

Bonus Booster Bundle

online marketing downloadable recording filesDownloadable Audio & Video Recordings.  If you can’t make the classes live, no problem.  You can listen to the recording of each class online or download the MP3 any time. This way, you won’t miss any important information and you can learn on-the-go, on your time. You’ll have access to these recordings for life!


marketing game changer playbook for big paydays onlinePDF Transcripts & The Playbook.  We’ve made it super easy for you to learn the way YOU like to learn. The playbook is loaded with the text of everything we’ll be going over in our live classes, and then some.  Even better, this also gives you access to the written material as often as you like, for truly letting the information sink in.


Art33bSwipe Files, Templates, Cheat Sheets, Checklists.  You’ll get access to detailed examples of what we’ll be discussing during the live classes. These are the exact word-for-word templates that you can “swipe and deploy”.  They’ll help you crystal clear on HOW to exactly model and use the super effective strategies we’re teaching – SO much more quickly than you ever would on your own.


VALUE: $1200

“This Looks Awesome! How Much Is It?”

The price of The Marketing Game-Changer sold by itself is $7,950…

Now it should be crystal clear to you why The Marketing Game-Changer has a retail value of $7,950.

Yet, that price is NOT for you.

I have a much better deal headed your way…

You Deserve To Know Why We’re Offering You Such A Massive Discount…

Let me share my vision with you: it’s a CAUSE I’m inviting you to join today, along with the thousands of others who are ready to:

Be a force of influence in your niche…

Change people’s lives…

And dare I say: inspire the world? Let me explain…

A few years ago, we birthed a cause to help entrepreneurs with a purpose make the biggest impact in the world:

Purpose-driven businesses all across the globe flourishing and prospering by helping others – Can you imagine it?

The good news?

We Can’t Let “Price” Get In The Way Of You Achieving YOUR Dreams…

…as well as helping us make a positive impact on the world…

Your total investment in The Marketing Game-Changer will NOT be $7,950 today…

No where close to that!

Cut that price in half… and you’re STILL not close.

As ridiculous as it sounds, you won’t even pay $2,000 today.

Rather, your investment today with The Marketing Game-Changer… is:

Just $997 – or 3 Easy Payments Of Only $350 (you’ll select your payment option at checkout)

Then, to lock in your super-discounted price, which is extremely limited, CLICK on the brown order button that says “Register Now”…



 Listen: Don’t Decide Right Now… Take Advantage Of Our Unconditional Guarantee

guaranteeWe want you to try The Marketing Game-Changer ON US for a full 30 days…

If you do not start getting new clients and qualified leads coming to you… OR:

If you do not find our service and attention to your satisfaction top-notch… OR:

Even if you don’t like my accent… or our radical enthusiasm… no worries! We’ll refund every penny you invested today…

No questions asked, no hassles, and no hard feelings.

Click on the brown button that says “Register Now” and lock in your discounted price today!


Just Look At What Our Clients Did Following Our Marketing Game-Changer Formula…

Click play on the video below, watch and see these amazing results!…

And even more results…


“Despite being a sales expert, I’m far from being a marketing expert so I knew I was losing potential clients who visited my website.

“I can’t tell you how invaluable it was to have Mike & Robin analyze my website with ‘fresh eyes’. Robin showed me where my home page and services page were confusing to a web visitor who didn’t know anything about me or my business. And of course when people are confused, they don’t buy. She also showed me how to better utilize my ‘above the fold’ space for maximum effect and gave me options for better navigation and organization.

“I knew I was leaving money on the table so I’m truly thankful to Robin for opening my eyes to new ways to generate more sales!”

Carolyn Herfurth | Business Development Strategist & Speaker |

“Mike and Robin- I just want to take a moment to say Thank you so much for all your help… After calling many SEO companies and realizing it was going to cost me at least $1000.00 a month to have this service installed, I really was at wits end. Being in direct sales, this just was not a possibility.

“You break down everything in very easy terms and not only engage your students, but help them understand how to optimize their website and business. I knew I found two great people who knew what they were doing and I wouldn’t have to be bankrupt trying to get my website up and running. In just a day my numbers doubled, and they keep doubling daily. It’s exactly what I was looking for and I couldn’t be more excited. Without your help I would still be getting just a few hits a day, but instead my website is taking off, just the way I was hoping for. You truly are amazing.”

Betsy Charlesworth|  Independent Distributor | It Works!


Just Remember: You’re Not Just Saving Over 70% Today, And Starting Your Path To Client Abundance…You’ll be joining in the “Freedom Fighter” cause.

You are welcome to become a vital part of our The Marketing Game-Changer family…

Not to mention the fact you’ll make a whole new group of Game-Changer friends that will help you progress, stay inspired, and have more fun along the road to success!

Click the brown, rectangle button below for INSTANT ACCESS… no delays, no waiting… and let’s get you started NOW…


So Your Order Will Be Smooth And Easy. I Want To Show You EXACTLY What To Expect After You Click The Register Button Below:

First, you’ll be taken to our 100% secure checkout page, which looks like this:


You’ll be able to choose your payment plan options on the dropdown menu.  Once you’ve ordered, you’ll receive an email welcoming you into the “Game-Changer Fam” with your class schedule & important details.

It’s That Simple!

Remember: You’ve Been Struggling Far Too Long…

Unless you take action today you run a grave risk of deeper levels of frustration, real anger over not living the life you deserve…

And continuing to chase customers for the rest of your life…

YET:  Simply by choosing to take action today, and dive into our easy-to-start Marketing Game-Changer System, everything will change for the better…

Imagine, Right Now, How It Will Feel The Moment You KNOW You’ve Finally Found The Answer To Building Your Purpose-Driven Business

You are bursting with confidence…

Full of energy… seeing success at every turn…

You are FREE… at peace, knowing you are right on target as you achieve your goals…

You are experiencing the freedom, the ability to make a difference in as many people’s lives as you want and setting your own course for business.

You deserve it – at long last!

The Fact That You’ve Been Going In Circles Isn’t Your Fault… And Now You Know Why

It’s true that you’ve been lied to in the past about quick-fix solutions…

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