One Major Factor That Will Determine Your Brand’s
Explosion or Erosion on Social Media

So you’re on Facebook, “tweeting” on Twitter every day and “pinning” like crazy but you’ve noticed that none of these things are bringing much benefit to your business. Why? This seems to be the big question for most small businesses when it comes to social media. Entrepreneurs recognize that there is great value in “being” on social media but many can’t seem to get the results they want and either grow frustrated or continue at a mediocre rate. But wait there IS hope! Just one simple adjustment to your mindset can make all the difference and that can be summed up in one word; ENGAGE!

I know, I know we hear this every day when it comes to social media; engage, engage, engage but what does that really mean for business owners?

Maximizing Social Media for Business

The info graph above reveals a very surprising yet interesting stat; businesses are only responding to 30% of followers’ feedback. What? That means 70% of follower inquiries, feedback and posting. These go completely unanswered and ignored leaving people to feel un-valued and un-important.

You want to keep loyal returning customers!

Think about this situation; you go out for dinner with your family, the local restaurant provides a tremendous experience and a great meal, later that night you share this experience on their Facebook page and ask about their other dinner specials. Weeks go by with NO response at all and your raving praise and “ready-to-be-captured” loyalty just turned into frustration and a feeling of irritation at this local business’s disregard for your praise and question.

You want people who will “catch your vision” and promote you – for free!

Or perhaps you’re not even a customer yet, but you simply love what the company is putting out, you love their tips and advice, maybe you love their graphic design. You comment on their posts things like, “Very well stated, I couldn’t agree more”, or “I love your graphics, do you do those yourself?” and you get NO ANSWER. This would definitely leave you feeling slighted to say the least.

Granted, in that example, it was not a “paying customer” but what they were is a loyal “brand evangelist” – someone who loves what the company was doing so much that they were willing to increase the post’s visibility by commenting on it, and perhaps even sharing it. This person would likely have recommended you to others, and helped you spread your brand awareness simply because they identified with your purpose. Think of all the lost opportunities of growth by ignoring this person!

Now this may not be true of every person who posts or inquires on a business’s Facebook page but it is definitely the real experience of about 70% of consumers who have gone ignored on social media.

What does this mean for businesses?

I think the most important element of this has to do with the very heart of WHY social media is invaluable to business; loyal ambassadors!

The above mentioned businesses missed tremendous opportunities to make these people have a great experience, feel part of a family, and feel like they were part of a purpose that’s bigger than them. It’s your job to foster engagement and EMPOWER that customer to share and take their experience to their community. Therein lays the power of social media for business!

Don’t miss the Obvious!

It’s not that social media doesn’t work or provide the ever-coveted “ROI”, it’s that so many businesses are just missing it. Don’t let another loyal ambassador of your brand or business slip away due to lack of engagement! Share, respond, engage and grow! At bare minimum, just get in there and “like” their comments.

Strategically maintaining your social media presence takes time.

If you are serious about laying claim to your territory within the marketplace of your prospective customers or clients on social media – the time to act is now (knowing that your competition is already developing loyal networks and faithful brand ambassadors at this moment)!

Wherever you and your business falls short with your social media marketing efforts, we should definitely communicate about your goals and marketing strategy. I’d love to chat and even offer FREE tips and advice. Feel free to contact me at 800.540.9537 or email at


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