Every weekend Robin and I go out and have us a little ‘family flyin’ time’…

bigdogI’m an avid RC airplane and helicopter enthusiast (well, I guess you could say full on fanatic) and we kind of make it a ‘family weekend’ thang.

A few weekends ago we were out at the park flying when an incredibly valuable business lesson came out

(I’ll dig into that in just a second)…

…And it really got us talking about entrepreneurship and online business as a whole.

You see almost every single client we work with 1-on-1 has the same issue when we start out…

They’ve been ‘doing’ a lot of stuff but that stuff hasn’t equated to the level of success and growth that they hoped for (or worse were promised).

The place where we go flyin’ is a public park and during the weekends there are usually at least 10 other guys out there flying airplanes.

The skill levels can range from expert flyers (one of the guys is 92… yeah you read that right 92)…

…To beginners.

Very interesting mix and the time spent almost always sprouts very valuable life and business lessons.

The mix of skill levels lends itself to a lot of ‘coaching’ and guidance.

Because, really, learning how to fly and developing the skills necessary is really a lot like doing business online.

While I was flying one of my helicopters one of the other, more novice, flyers came over to me…

DSC_0333(Helicopters happen to be the most difficult and challenging of all the RC hobbies. Most guys usually quit because it’s just too challenging and frustrating… Sound familiar?)

So I was in the middle of flight, performing several tricks and high speed maneuvers and he asked me, “How do you do that?”…

…The natural answer that came out of me was the golden nugget of entrepreneurial goodness.

I told him that flying helicopters is a carefully developed skill and many folks who try to fly don’t know WHAT they should be practicing and in what sequence they need to practice.

Right there Robin looked at me and said, “BOOM! That’s online biz.”

As I shared with this guy how you need to perfect forward flight BEFORE moving on to side flight and nose in flight the light bulbs began to go off…

Most entrepreneurs are jumping out of the gate trying to ‘fly’ like a professional but they’re aren’t doing what the pro did when they were at THEIR level.

Those pros master specific skills IN A SEQUENCE… A deliberate sequence.

Peeps mess up when they try to mimic some ‘big dog’ WHERE they are currently…

We see it over and over again among clients and colleagues alike.

That’s why we have a very deliberate focus with EVERY new client we take on…

…That focus is usually centered on ‘fastest path to revenue’ type strategies.

If you’re interested in implementing these types of strategies in your biz (and will actually DO what is necessary) then we should chat.

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