‘Idea Attraction’ cycle?  What the heck is that, you may be thinking.  Well it’s pretty simple and yet it is something that keeps entrepreneurs stuck, confused and fragmented on a regular basis.  This ‘Idea Attraction’ cycle is what happens when you go from one ‘idea’ or learning opportunity to another without taking action, implementing what you’ve learned and getting results.  Instead you learn something here and then you go over here and learn something else but you never implement, or get the help you really need and so you’re convinced that you just need to ‘learn more’.  ‘Idea Attraction cycle.

Almost every time I speak with a potential client on a discovery call or an entrepreneur  comes up to me at an event they all say the same things, “I’m so scattered” or “I feel like everything is all over the place” or “I don’t really have clarity or focus with my online marketing and message”.  Have you ever felt like that?

The main reason they are feeling these things and experiencing this ‘lack of clarity’ is because they just keep learning and learning.  They’re on the webinars, at the events and they’re learning from all these different people with different perspectives, experiences, expertise and strategies and so this ‘learning’ only confuses them.  And it gets even worse when they really don’t even know what it is they REALLY need.

I don’t know how many times I have heard entrepreneurs say to me “Oh I’ve learned that” or “I’ve got my marketing together” but if you look at their website, social media and message everything is disjointed, fragmented and confusing.  So why would they be in a place of thinking that they’ve got it all together when in turn they really don’t?

There’s actually a very interesting reason behind the ‘why’ here and it is exactly what I said above about being in the ‘Idea Attraction’ cycle because ‘learning’ without clear and deliberate action actually fools your mind into thinking you ALREADY have it all together when all you’ve done is just add some knowledge to your head.  ‘Knowing’ isn’t enough.  you have to couple that knowledge with the right action.  This is why having a coach is so valuable because you are accountable and have that guidance you need to continue implementing.

When you’re at biz events or listening to webinars… listen with clarity on knowing where you are going… then RECEIVE ONLY THAT WHICH IS GOING TO HELP YOU GET THERE… then go put that junk to ACTION…

I go through ‘seasons’ of learning. I will go all in hardcore learning a new skill, then you’ve got to give yourself TIME TO IMPLEMENT IT… so stop seeking at that point… you found your answer… go implement it… stop seeking… work it for a while until you KNOW what you need next… then go seek THAT and do all over again.

Don’t just aimlessly seek, and forever seek, not even knowing what you need.

I sat there at a biz event for 4 days a few weeks back, that was QUITE INSPIRING and FILLED with FABULOUS nuggets of wisdom… but I noticed something about myself… I wasn’t really digging in, I wasn’t really soaking it up, I wasn’t writing a million notes, I wasn’t receiving it, and wasn’t even really considering half of it… and I FIRST thought to myself that something was wrong with me, like what the heck? Am I all of a sudden shallow or something? haha

But then I realized that what I was doing was GOOD FOR ME, and it’s something I had actually previously TRAINED myself to do… and it’s because we are in a season of growth for ourselves, and we are SUPER CLEAR on where we are going, and the skills we need to get to the next place… so I can easily ‘turn off’ or say no to things that present themselves to me as learning opportunities… because they will only distract me off my clear path… does that make sense???  This is exactly why our ‘Marketing Game Changer’ program starts off with teaching you how to ‘Get Clarity’.  We know that our clients and students MUST get this level of clarity if they are going to have success in their business and in their marketing so we walk them through this and show them exactly how to ‘get clear’ with laser-like focus.  You MUST know your audience, what makes them tick, why they tick and how to position your business and speak right to them where they are.  Without this crucial piece everything else you are doing will be disjointed and fragmented.

So how about you?  Are you clear?  Do you know your audience like the back of your hand?  Is your marketing & message clear and powerful?  Or have you been just learning a bunch of stuff not really knowing how to implement and turn your ‘knowledge’ into real revenue?

This is actually something Robin and I will be touching on and teaching about in our upcoming “Lead Generating Machine” webinar on Nov. 5th.  We know how important this is and so we invite you to click below and reserve your spot ==>


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