fascinated-online-marketingEffective marketing and online marketing is all about ‘creating a perception’ in the minds of your potential customers.  Remember marketing is NOT sales and vice versa.  Now along with this perception created a desire to know ‘more’ should be created.  Effective brands and companies have the ability to ‘fascinate’ their followers and customers.  They keep them captivated.  Applying this to your lead magnet will revolutionize your lead generating abilities.

Look at Apple for example.  Have you ever wondered why people will sleep in front of a Best Buy just to get an over-priced iPhone they can get in 2 weeks with no wait and for less money?  The reason is because Apple has created a ‘fascination’ among their followers that has little rival.  They are masters at what they do.

Now if we look at Apple’s branding it is actually some of the most ‘simple’ branding you have ever seen.  Lots of white space and very little words, right?  You see this has a psychological impact on the human mind that sort of ‘subconsciously’ creates a fascination.  The simplicity works very well to make them fascinating and intriguing.

Now let’s carry this a little farther and look at how effective ‘saying less than necessary’ can be for your business and brand image.

As a young man, the artist Andy Warhol realized that it was almost impossible to get people to do what you wanted by simply ‘talking’ to them.  More often than not they would disobey, subvert your wishes etc. really out of just sheer obstination. He once told a friend, “I learned that you actually have more power when you shut up.”

Later in his career Warhol applied this principle with great success.  Every time he was interviewed he would speak vaguely and ambiguously leaving the interviewer to try and ‘figure out’ what he was saying, imagining that there was something deep and profound behind his every word.  Warhol rarely talked about his own work; he LET other people do the interpreting.  You see Warhol realized early on that the less he himself said about his own work the more people talked about it.  And the more people talked about it the more valuable it became.

Warhol demonstrates an amazing marketing principle here; saying LESS is actually saying MUCH more!  You see he carefully said less than necessary knowing that this would create a fascination among him and his work making it much more desirable.

Let’s look at how this can apply to your business and your online marketing.

One of the most effective principles that Warhol applied in his strategy above was the principle of “unanswered questions”.  What he did was create mystique by vaguely answering questions and creating in the interviewer a “desire to know more”.  Whether you’re a business coach, service provider, retail outlet, no matter what market you serve you must create this form of mystique and intrigue among your fan base or “tribe”.

Very often entrepreneurs “say too much” on their home page, on their social networks, etc. and their followers, fans and prospects have nothing more to “desire”.  There’s no real “juiciness” for prospects to continue pursuing and desiring and they go on to the next, more fascinating product or coach.

Utilizing the right mix of great content, free offers and posts that wow people while also fascinating them with a desire for more is a true art form but it is definitely one that you CAN master and apply to your online marketing today.  Here’s how:

I want to take a look at your existing “lead magnet” (or freebie, IFO whatever you call it.  It’s the thing you offer in exchange for an email opt-in).  Is it super juicy?  Does it convey to your prospect that you’re NOT only an expert but that there is also A LOT more where that came from?  Do your subscribers feel so ‘wowed’ by your freebie that they leave feeling as though you could have easily charged them?

You see Warhol had such a way of both satisfying and NOT satisfying that people just HAD to have more.  This is exactly what a great freebie does for your prospect.  Utilizing the earlier mentioned principle of “unanswered questions” your freebie should be of amazing value while also creating a brand new desire for MORE, MUCH MORE!

This is exactly what we have been our showing our Marketing Game Changer students.  They have been blown away as we show them how to create a “lead magnet” that has people dying to opt-in, but it can’t stop there, the “lead magnet” is also working to create this very same fascination and intrigue in the mind of the prospect that they just HAVE to have more!  So go ahead and look at your freebie with this new perspective and see how you can create this same level of fascination among your “tribe” as well.  Or if you want help with this click here to learn more about highly-coveted Marketing Game Changer group training program.


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