So You Want To Be An Online Rockstar?  It Takes More Than Just Online Visibility!


You’ve got a killer message, your passionate about helping the world, your offerings are amazing, you just re-branded and have a great new look but your sphere of influence is a measly 87 people.

Sound familiar?

Well don’t get all in a tizzy and worried about your numbers and sphere of influence.  As I’ve shared in other articles it’s not the size of your list – it’s how you work it.  And that has never been more true!


We All Want More Online Visibility, Right?

The question many big dreaming entrepreneurs face is “How do I get seen more?”  With the advent and explosion of social media it seems like anyone can gain instant stardom but is mere “stardom” really what your business needs?

The answer is yes AND no!

The reason there is a yes is because no matter how you shake it the more people who see you, your brand and your offerings … the more opportunity there will be for your business, period.  But that must be coupled with a direct strategy and focus on growing a community and powerful relationships among your target audience.

So that is where the no comes in.  No, it’s not just about numbers but the right “type” of numbers, and what you do with those numbers.

I recently completed a high budget, comprehensive social media campaign for a local, online news portal (Space Coast Daily).  This company was looking to revolutionize the way news is delivered and had a clear plan to use Facebook to achieve this.  We grew the Facebook community from 351 to over 6600 in just 4 months with an average engagement rate of over 15%.


So what does this mean for you?

Well, wait there’s more to it!

You see the first half was merely the “stardom” side of this.  The second piece is what really sets this apart.  Along with growing the Facebook community to over 6600 we also had a primary goal of growing the community among a target demographic that was most likely to not only “read” the news but also “share” it and engage with it. 

It’s a delicate balance to make a community of 6600 people not just a large number but 6600 extremely valuable “brand ambassadors” helping them reach their business goals that much faster.  You’ve got to give value, be of service, build powerful relationships with your community at the same time as growing the numbers… or the numbers are worth nothing.

NOW, what it all means.

Leveraging online visibility in a way that brings massive benefit to you and your business is all about having precise goals and knowing exactly “who” can help you get there… and “why” they would help you get there.  With that in mind I wanted to share 4 tips to get you visible & profitable at the same time.


1. Understand your target market – what they need & want

Do you know who you serve?  Do you understand what makes them tick?  What keeps them up at night?  What would they ay anything for?  How do they want to impact the world?  Narrow your target market down to as fine a detail as possible.  Where do they shop?  Where do they hangout?  What motivates them?

2. Craft your message to speak to them

After you understand your “who” you’ll want to make sure that EVERYTHING you put out (web copy, social media, blog, etc.) speaks right to them.  Don’t use boring & stuffy jargon that doesn’t make sense.  Think of it as though you’re talking to one person, your friend, and use words that they would really say out of their own mouth.  Speak to the real heart of the matter.

3. Be Genuine

We say this over and over again and just can’t stress it enough; be who YOU are!!  Let the real you flow through into your business.  Don’t be afraid to be real!  There is a market and audience out there that will be drawn to YOU!  The more you show your heart and speak your mind, the more clients you will attract.


This is a real biggie.  Make sure that you are constantly giving value and providing your audience with content and resources that will help them.  Ask yourself this question before you share, post, write or create anything; “Would I find this valuable?” if it’s a product or service, ask yourself, “Would I buy this?”  If you answered those with a “no” then it’s to rethink and revamp.

Understanding your “why” and your “who” are tantamount to having success online.  This is one of the most important and fundamental elements of “rockin” it online. 
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