Just the other day I get a little ding on my computer while working on some stuff…

{A little disclaimer here}

This post is not for the willy-nilly, faint of heart or easily offended. What I’m sharing is just a good ‘ol kick in the marketing pants (sometimes we all need that)…

So be ready for some brutal honesty and a bit of ‘hard truth’… Ya ready?

Ok cool…

Now the ding was a private message on Facebook from someone who I don’t know at all… Which isn’t always bad… we LOVE meeting new folks…

Anyways… The message went like this…

Are you possibly looking for a Virtual Assistant to help you with your business?!”

And well my response went like this…

What would make you think that? Did we contact you?

And what she said back is really what made me have to share this with you guys…

Nope. Just saw your Facebook page and thought I would ask.”

Really? What was it about my Facebook page that would make someone think we needed a VA?

Yup, you guessed it.

Absolutely nothing.

So I began to try to share with her why this just won’t work at all and how it looks from a prospect perspective but she didn’t seem to care so I went about my day. Now the reason I’m sharing this with you is because this happens all the time. Her method of marketing is just spamming anyone she ‘thinks’ may need her service regardless of whether they expressed any interest at all.

She knows nothing about us.  Has no clue whether we even have a VA already.  No idea whether we’d be a good fit.

And it actually just looked downright tacky (a bit harsh but entirely the truth 🙂 )

opposite-of-client-attractionThis is the exact OPPOSITE of client attraction.

This is what we call ‘the chase’.

Chasing one lead after another…

One client after another…

Spamming folks on Facebook.

Posting yo ‘thang’ in every group on Facebook, LinkedIn and wherever else you think it makes sense…

And besides just looking downright desperate that junk don’t work yo… 🙂

Ya get nowhere.

You’re forever chasing.

Oh, you might get a bite every once in a while.

But, even a dingbat can catch a fish every now and again, right?

I mean we can’t really ‘blame’ ya too much, that might be all you know…

Robin and I always like to say, “You’re marketing can’t DO what YOU don’t know”, right?

Ooorrr… worse yet…

You may have been ‘taught’ that.

Ouch. 🙂

Here’s a little analogy I like to use to illustrate the difference between ‘attraction’ and ‘chasing’…

On one side you’ve got the guy with a fishing pole. He casts out. Looking for 1 fish at a time.

Every once in a while he gets a nibble.

And, hey, every so often a bite and a catch.

He spends all day out there. Looking for one nibble at a time. Does he get frustrated?

Uh, you tell me. 🙂

Now on the other side of this lake is another fisherman.

He’s a little more savvy than ‘Mr. One Fish-At-A-Time’…

He took out his speedboat.

Attached a cast net on the back.

And nailed it.

When he got back to shore he had so many fish in his net he didn’t even know what to do with them all. He could actually sift through them and CHOOSE which ones he wanted and throw back the others.

Genius, eh?

So which of these 2 above is the ‘attraction’ example?

If you guessed Mr. Cast-O-Net ladies and gentlemen you’re right!

Now Johnny will tell you what you’ve won. 🙂


Now this ‘speed boat with a cast net’ approach is exactly how we approach marketing.

It’s called ‘Client Attraction’.

It’s leveraged and works like a machine.

As matter of fact it is exactly what we teach in our hot program ‘List Building Machine’.

And you get that bad boy right here:


If you’re tired of chasing ‘one fish at a time’ then this is definitely for you.

See ya on the ‘speed boat’ 🙂

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