branding-positioningRobin and I are always talking and sharing in our private Facebook group ( about the power of positioning and it has been something very powerful to us and has been resonating a lot over the last few weeks. 

Very often when you think of branding you may think of things like a “logo, a tagline, colors, messaging, etc.”, right?  Well branding is so much more than just those “things”. 

Branding is really about positioning.  You see positioning carries branding to its real, logical destination… What folks think of you and the stuff you sell. Branding alone can only do so much.  I’m sure you know that a pretty logo, a cool website, snappy colors and a cool message only do so much.  This is exactly why positioning is SO important and yet we hear so little about it.

Your Logo is NOT Branding…

Ohhhh, did he say that!  Maybe it grabbed you a little bit or even pissed you off. (especially if you spent thousands of dollars on your logo) but it’s true.  Your logo is really only a very small part of your brand and though it does play some significance it is often way over-valued and over-hyped.

You see companies that rock.  Businesses that rise to the top understand that it’s not all about the logo & the colors, but more about how people experience their brand, and how people remember their brand is what matters.  They have mastered of positioning.  They position their products and services in such an extraordinary way that you just can’t help but love it and them (or hate them :)… but that is also part of the strategy as well). 

I won’t go on about the wonders of Apple or Starbucks in this blog, we all know their awesome examples, but I will share a video below that perfectly illustrates and sums up exactly what I am talking about.

So I saw a commercial the other day during football that was an amazingly genius example of positioning. This company (I won’t say who because as you watch the commercial below you will be BLOWN away when you see who this is) took a boring, techy, mechanical, ordinary product/tool and made it personal…

Robin and I’s jaws literally dropped when we saw who it was… We looked at each other and said, “NAILED IT”

They found a way to “position” their company (and tool) as a personal, almost intimate experience. Simply amazing!! They got right to the heart of people. They touched way deeper than the ‘features, functions & benefits’ of their product in a way that almost MAKES YOU want to be a part of it.

As you watch this I want you to take note of 3 key elements that they amazingly achieved. 

1. Notice how they made US, the audience the star… not them or their product.  (this is huge in successful marketing)

2. They were able to create a feeling of belonging almost to the point of “rally cry” (you watch this and almost want to shout, “YEAH”)

3. They connected with real people, in a real, lasting way!

Here is the commercial below and I really want to hear feedback and how you can see this principal being applied in your marketing (and don’t forget to pop over and join the Marketing Mega Minds Facebook Group here)

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