My husband Mike has an insane RC airplane and helicopter hobby.

He’s got a whole fleet of aircraft. And let me tell you this adventure of building the fleet has been quite a frustrating and expensive hobby, sucking thousands of dollars out of our bank account. 

Every single time we loaded the family up in the car to go to the park to fly, there was the excitement, the anticipation… and then the crash.  Each flight usually ended with a trip to the hobby store and a large purchase. 

His very first airplane was only $100.  The first flight went well, lasted about 5 minutes and ended when the plane landed in the woods never to be found again.  We spent about an hour on a search and rescue mission to no avail. 


So on to the hobby store we went to buy a new plane.

This time the flight was going well, but I guess you should know how to land a plane before you decide to take flight, haha 🙂  So inevitably, there was a crash and burn landing, breaking the propeller, the cowling, and the wing.  This leads to another purchase of several new parts. 

The crashing and wasting money continues for quite some time until Mike is comfortable with where he’s at.  We must have poured at least 5x the cost of the plane to get to this point.  We bought parts after every flight.  But as time went on, he got better and better. 


Time for a new level.

So now he’s flying well, he’s landing well, he’s got this thing under control.  But now he wants to take it to the next level.  He’s not satisfied with the status quo and wants more out of his hobby. 

It’s time to upgrade, so we got some new wings with ailerons.  These are just fancy things that control the plane more precisely with every move.  Sounds pretty cool, a big shiny object to chase after, right?  And of course it takes some getting used to flying with ailerons, so there were many more crashes and many more trips to buy parts at the hobby store. 


Well, it’s just natural in life and business, that when we get to a place where we’re comfortable, we need to go up a level to challenge ourselves and grow, right?

The bigger we stretch ourselves, the greater the reward.  So it’s time for a new, more expensive plane.  This one was about $300 because it was a fancier low-wing plane, much bigger, much heavier, and much more of a challenge to fly. 

And now that he had two planes and three helicopters, he decided to get a new tool to handle his new level.  So he upgraded to a big fancy controller that you can program up to 10 aircraft on one controller. 

So he took off with his brand new plane, went up for about 5 seconds and took a nose dive, full power, right into the ground.  I don’t know if you know this, but a heavier plane means that more things break when you crash, more damage is done, haha.  Yes, we learned this the hard way. 

And apparently the new controller needed to be tested out before taking off because all the controls come automatically programmed backwards.  Yes, we learned this the hard way. 


When you fly aloneyou crash & burn

Every trip to the park ended in great frustration and sadness. Tension was high.  The thing that started as his passion now had a sense of overwhelm, fear and dread with it.  His passion really turned into a drag for the whole family.  The excitement of going to new levels was no longer exciting.  He was grumpy and losing hope.  He was losing his passion for it because it was taking so long to get where he wanted to be. 


But the next time something very different happened.

We got all new parts for the plane and went out again.  He was doing great for a while and crashed right into a tree in the distance.  Part of the plane was stuck in the tree and we saw other parts falling to the ground, it didn’t look pretty.

But here’s what was different and was a game-changer for Mike’s hobby.  There was another man at the park who saw the crash.  This man was an airplane enthusiast too. He came equipped with big long tools of all kinds to fetch planes out of trees because he’s been doing this for years and he knows what to expect and he had the tools to take care of it. 

When we got the plane out of the tree, everything was broken, the wings, the cowling, the propeller, the fuselage, a lot of stuff.  Mike was downtrodden, anticipating another $100 at the hobby store until the man told him that he didn’t need to buy new parts.  We learned that he could just use this super cool glue that was only $5 to patch it all back together. 

The man told us all kinds of stories of the mistakes he had made, the lessons he learned, the tricks and tools of the trade he used to save money, and even some great tips on how to fly better. 


Mike was filled with hope and getting his passion back.

At home, as he put to action the things the man taught him, seeing that he really could glue the plane back together like new, he saw the advice in action working for him.   You could see his passion coming back, believing that he could do this, believing he could be successful at it and enjoy it. 

Mike was invited by the man to go to the park and fly in the morning.  We got there and found him with a whole bunch of cute little old guys that gather in the mornings to fly.  These guys have been doing this for years.  I can’t even begin to tell you the plethora of things we learned.  They could watch him fly and point out to him what he was doing wrong.  They showed him that taking off into the wind was better than what his natural mind thought was the way to go.  They opened his eyes to possibilities he didn’t even know were there. 

And the thing is that Mike didn’t even know that he needed help.

It never even crossed his mind to look for a mentor in this.  The rough way just seemed like it was par for the course, like all that crap just came along with the hobby.  It seemed like all the struggle was expected and that there was no way around it.   So could he have done this alone and conquered the crap out of it?  Of course he could, he’s pretty dang smart and he can pretty much do anything he puts his mind to. He was learning and growing all the time.  

He was getting there, slowly but surely.  It’s just that it was costing us a lot of money, and taking way longer than expected, and in the process, the learning experience was not fun at all.  It was sucking the life out of him and he was ready to give up. 


Now Mike flies with confidence, trying new things, stretching himself and growing.

He can even fly upside down now!  He flies, what they call 3D flying, and everything. He’s got over a dozen planes, all different kinds.  He tries all kinds of fancy tricks, and is not afraid to go big because he’s got support.  He’s got people he can go to if he has a question.  He knows people have his back and are watching his moves and can help him ‘course correct’ where needed.  He’s equipped with the right ways to handle the adventure he’s on. 


This airplane story is almost the same exact story of our entrepreneurial adventure. 

We started by going at it alone.  We never even realized we needed help.  We’re pretty dang smart and when we set our minds to something, we do it.  We definitely don’t lack in the gusto and determination department, haha. 

We learned everything we could learn online.  We made a lot of mistakes and wasted a lot of money along the way.  We slowly but surely went up a level, and up another level, and with every new level came new challenges that we weren’t ready for. It was not easy at all, sometimes downright unbearable.

We did it alone, but it sure wasn’t fun.  There was a lot of tension, a lot of frustration, and gosh it took way longer than we wanted it to.  The longer it takes to get to where you want to be, the more you second-guess, the more you are tempted to give up, the more mental opposition you have as well.  It wasn’t pretty but we found our way and made it to a 6-figure level and we were so proud, haha 🙂

But then something big changed for us.

We actually reached out and got support, hired a business coach and got mentorship for where we wanted to go…. Holy smokes!  Talk about a game-changer!  We flew higher and faster than we ever even knew was possible.  We achieved more in 6 months than we did our entire entrepreneurial journey.  It was faster and it was way more fun! 


So what’s the lesson here?

There is just so much power in being mentored by someone who has walked where you want to walk.  It’s so important to learn from someone who has already paved the way, already made the mistakes and cleared the way for you.  They know all the cool tricks of the trade.  They have all the tools and resources to make it easier.  They open the door to even more great people at their level that gives you support in so many areas.  They watch your back and know what to look out for, and can give you important course corrections. 

Sure, it costs money to hire a business coach, and costs a large amount of money if you get a really good one.  But the money that you save in the long run is a no-brainer.  And oh boy, the time you save… and the sanity you save is priceless. 


Beyond the things you save, there is so much you gain as well.

Just like Mike is now accomplishing amazing things and flying upside down, as a business owner, you need someone outside of yourself who can nudge you to go bigger, and go after what you really want, rather than sticking with the old limits of what you thought was possible. 


There’s just no limit to how high you will fly with a business coach & mentor.

So if you’re trying to fly alone, it’s likely that you’re experiencing some of the same things Mike & I did.  You’re overwhelmed, frustrated, worn out, wasting money, making mistakes, staying in place, not moving as fast as you want… and even worse… you’re losing your passion and why you got into business in the first place. 

If you’re thinking that you need some of that kind of support for your business, we’re actually taking applicants for 1-1 coaching right now.  Enrollment is open and we have 3 spots available.  If you’re serious about stepping up your game, here’s how it works…

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We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.  Talk soon! 


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