Ever been to some websites where they don’t have a bunch of packages listed?  They don’t have all their programs listed out that they run throughout the year?

And have you ever thought to yourself, “Man these guys are dumb, they’re missing out on sales because they don’t have this stuff on their website!”

Maybe, just maybe they know something you don’t know.  It’s interesting how we judge the success (or lack of it) in a business by things we can only see on the outside.  But when you see something out of the ordinary, it’s always a good idea to take a step back and think about it from a creative marketing standpoint, and not just assume the folks are doing things ineffectively.  I’m always analyzing the WHYs behind what I see (or don’t see) and it really gives me great ideas and insight into how to grow my business.


Social Media Unlocks Much More Potential than You Realize

It’s no big secret to anyone in business today that social media and online marketing mediums are not only here to stay but that they’re a very viable piece to an effective marketing mix that can’t be ignored.  Facebook is completely revamping, Twitter has just been issued a patent on its platform, Pinterest is fast growing for business and heading to the top at a rapid rate, LinkedIn is making it easier for companies to reach their market and audience with content rich features and the list goes on.

With all these changes and improvements there also comes a shift in how we approach marketing as a whole.  It is also evident that the businesses that do not make this shift and move in the direction of their market will be left looking around and wondering why everyone left them behind.


So what is this “shift” that I’m talking about?

Marketing is moving beyond pre-planned “marketing calendars” and pre-determined “campaigns” into a much more robust and engaging experience.  Marketing is much more about “listening” than it is about pre-set “formulas”.

Wikipedia defines this shift as Real Time Marketing which is marketing performed “on-the-fly” to determine the optimal approach to a particular customer at a particular time and place. It’s a form of market research and inbound marketing that seeks the most appropriate offer for a given customer sales opportunity, reversing the traditional outbound marketing (or interruption marketing) which aims to acquire appropriate customers for a given ‘pre-defined’ offer.


It’s the perfect solution for folks who have a hard time marketing because they feel it’s inauthentic and slimey

The old days of marketing told us to create these “pre-defined” offers, send them out and hope people would be interested.  No wonder Wikipedia called it “interruption” marketing!

Up until now, most entrepreneurs have approached online and social media marketing with a sort of “buck shot” approach; just hit as many people as possible as often as possible.  While this may work at times, or under certain circumstances, this approach leaves consumers irritated, frustrated and feeling “spammed” constantly.  It has also made entrepreneurs with heart feel gross doing it, and so a lot of times they don’t market at all, and stay broke.

How great is it that the most effective marketing method today is the one that both consumers & entrepreneurs feel good about?


Getting Real.  Listening. Conversations… that Lead to Sales. 

real time marketing listening via social mediaPlatforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have given companies the ability to communicate, respond and engage with consumers in real time while providing companies with an amazingly real and in-depth view of the image and pulse of their brand in the eyes of their “fans”.  Up until now social media marketing has been concentrated around the strategy of “engaging fans”.  While this is definitely one of the most important elements of social media marketing these “real time” conversations allow entrepreneurs access to the Holy Grail of marketing data; the ability to connect with qualified buyers in “real time” at the precise moment they are ready to buy.


How much would your business grow if you were continually monitoring the pulse of your target market and responding (not with a pre-canned sales message) but with a specific offer that meets their demand at the precise moment that demand arises? 

listening via social media marketingSavvy entrepreneurs are seeing this shift and responding with a message that actually speaks to their community and meets the ever-changing demands of their target market.  Every day potential clients, consumers and customers are telling us what they want, why they want it and how they want it but many entrepreneurs haven’t been listening.  They haven’t been able to listen because “listening” hasn’t been part of the “marketing campaign”.  The businesses that will see the most growth and greatest increase this year and beyond will be those who get out of their marketing “boxes”, start listening to the world and embrace what the market is telling us.


Here’s your homework for this week to step up your game:

  • Take a real good look at your business and what you offer.
  • Determine your core strengths and services that you bring to the marketplace.
  • Think of all the different ways you could bring these gifts to the table (not in a ‘box’) while being profitable and leveraging your time
  • Let your creative juices flow and keep your mind open to ways to offer your services
  • Get clear with a certain ‘base’ of ways you can easily offer solutions, but don’t stay married to any particular way
  • Start listening everywhere you go on social media
  • Look for challenges, frustrations and problems folks are talking about
  • Look at how everyone else is offering to meet those needs and see if you can come up with a BETTER WAY that meets those needs and then some
  • Then be ready for conversations, be ready to give value, be ready to offer solutions, be ready to make sales!



This isn’t for the folks that are out there ONLY to make money.  If you’re only seeking your own gain and profit you’re going to come off as a stalker and slimeball and folks will smell your stench a mile away.  So don’t get me wrong, of course we all want to make money, but real time marketing only works for folks that are genuine and truly do care about giving value and helping folks.

Seriously, this works.  But it’s not something that happens overnight.  I’m not saying to completely ditch your pre-planned solutions, but if you’re ready to provide solutions on the fly, you’ll increase your sales like mad!  We don’t have very many pre-canned packages and offerings on our website.  Folks might think that’s weird.  But we prefer to love on folks.  We prefer to listen.  We do care and we do engage with folks on social media.  And not a week goes by that we aren’t making a sale from the folks we’re listening to.  We prefer to encourage real conversations so we can get to know folks and offer the best solution to each individual.

And hey, if you want to learn more about new, real, genuine marketing methods and how to grow your business in ways that feel good to you – we’d love to have you join us for our upcoming FREE Marketing Game-Changer Teleclass.  If you hang with us for just one hour, it will be sure open your eyes and challenge a lot of things you think you know about marketing (and give you some hope that you can actually enjoy it).  Click here to learn more about the FREE Teleclass and register.

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