Free is quite a deceptive little sneaky one.

Free entices us, lures us in, and makes us believe we’re getting more than we should be.  Free things get us so excited.  Free training and resources make us feel like we’ve got some kind of inside edge and we got away with something. 

The psychology behind free stuff is quite interesting.  Getting something for nothing typically activates a human response that’s so much different than a normal business transaction — it just feels better. I think we’re just hardwired to love free stuff.

We get a rush just thinking about the goldmine we found with all these FREE resources available to us online.  Pretty much any random thing you can think of, you just Google it, and you can learn how to do it for free. 

The truth is that free is a very expensive way to build your business.

You can “free” yourself right out of business, real quick. 


That’s why I want to share with you 5 startling reasons why free is the most expensive way to grow your business


#1 – Free Stuff Doesn’t Know You, Your Unique Situation or Your Goals

In this age of information overload and the almighty Google, have you ever said to yourself, “I don’t need a business mentor, I can learn that online for free!” or “Why would I pay for a program to learn that, when there’s tons of stuff online if I just search hard enough” and “Wow!  I can build my entire business by learning things I read on blogs”???

Here’s the thing…

Google may be amazing, but Google isn’t intuitive and doesn’t have wisdom.

Google doesn’t have real-world experience to your situation.

Google can’t see where you’re stuck.

Google can’t pinpoint creative ways to inject cash into your biz that you may not be seeing.

The only information Google will give you, is the information you think you need and search for, or the information you stumble upon.  If you ask me, it’s a pretty clumsy way of attempting to grow an empire that gives you financial freedom to enjoy your life. 


#2 – Free Training Makes You Feel Smart… in a bad way

When I learn things online I get so excited and feel so accomplished!  I read at least 10 blogs a day that are relevant to my industry and I love learning a new little tidbit every day.  But there’s a big difference in learning a tidbit and having a full vision and profit plan for my business.  There’s a danger when you fall for the lie that you can grow your business solely by learning tidbits from free resources.   

On top of that, if the free training you read proves to be useful to you and your expectations were exceeded, it gets you sucked into this cycle of feeling so smart, like you’ve got everything you need. 

But when our business started making HUGE JUMPS in profit was really when we realized that our supposed intelligence was the very thing that always prevented us from taking action.  We literally had to unthink things so we could be free do what was necessary without all the thought process that came with each new venture or task.


#3 – Free Means You’ve Got Nothing to Lose

Let’s be real here, if your education was free, you really wouldn’t think it’s that bad if you fail.  You’re okay with losing because you didn’t put anything into it and you have nothing to lose.  So in this case, you ‘free’ yourself right into loser-ville. 

Free stuff typically comes with low expectations and thinking, “Hey, it’s free!  What’s the worst that can happen?”  It sets your bar sooooo low right from the get-go.

When you believe that there are actual ‘free’ things in life, you’re ignoring the fact that there is NOTHING in this world that can be carried out without having a point of consumption/extraction/work/ actions/time that leads to a certain consequence.  So you’re kind of like removing any expectation (or goal) of consequence or result.


#4 – Free Keeps You In Your Comfort Zone

We all know the fun & magic happens OUTSIDE the comfort zone, right?  Being outside the comfort zone can sometimes feel like pressure (sometimes unbearable).  But something magical happens when you step up and invest in your business growth. 

Oh man, you become a superwoman!  When you put up money for something, you better believe that you’ll move mountains and overcome all kinds of things to make sure you don’t fail.  Oh you WILL make it work, and you will make it pay off, because you don’t want all the money you put in to be for nothing. 

There’s just something about saying yes to scary decisions, making big commitments and investments.  It’s a great catalyst and motivator to become the person who is able to deliver on your commitment.  It doesn’t usually work the other way around. 


#5 – Growth is Often Proportional to Investment

One of the coolest things about being an entrepreneur is that you learn how to be financially empowered and how to invest in yourself while creating a high return on that investment.

But learning how to be financially empowered usually means that you’ve got to start to see money differently than the rest of the world.  Successful entrepreneurs don’t see money as being something you “lose” when you spend it.  Instead, we know it’s an investment into our growth.

Our business has grown in leaps and bounds each year and we strongly believe it’s directly related to making the big decisions that forced us to grow. So we’ve always been sure to keep investing money at a level that’s consistent with the new level of money that we want to earn in the near future, but haven’t yet.  It’s an interesting mindset that some argue with, but there’s no denying the results having this mindset has produced in our life and business. 

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