I’m tired of seeing good people struggle in biz… so I’m going to get a little open and vulnerable about some recent experiences

Sharing my story and little ‘metaphor’ might help you in your entrepreneurial struggles… and if so, then it’s well worth it for me to ‘bare all’ and tell you my embarrassing moments, haha 🙂

Mike & I have been speaking a lot at business events and doing video interviews lately.  There have been many videos and pictures taken.  With each picture or video I look at, my heart sinks as there is one thing starring me down… my chin!  Haha 🙂  It seems like whenever I gain weight, it goes straight to my face.  And as crappy luck would have it, your face is the one spot on your body you can’t hide or cover up with flattering clothes… go figure!  Haha 🙂

We’re also on a fast path in our business and have been experiencing record growth, with much more on the horizon… and I gotta tell you… I can’t lie… the fat face syndrome sometimes makes me want to hold back from ‘getting visible’ in business. 


My big leap for change – Time for drastic action

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image23081081Enough is enough.  I was so tired of looking at it and feeling bad.  I was so tired of letting the current circumstances get me down.  I was so tired of remaining in an undesirable state and letting it have control over me… so I decided to take action to change it! 

Mike & I usually go for a nice morning walk to start each day.  Last week as we were going down the driveway, I looked at him and said, “I’m going to make a suggestion… It’s not going to be pretty… I don’t want you to make fun of me” and he said ok.  So I looked at him and said, “LET’S RUN!” and I took off. 


Here’s something about me… I actually hate running.

I hate it with a passion.  I am NOT one of those running enthusiasts.  It does NOT give me a ‘runners high’ and it does NOT make me feel good in any way, shape or form. 

But one thing I know about myself, when I make a decision for change, I have to force myself into what I call ‘drastic action’.  There is no half way.  Every time I get into a new season in life, or a new challenge, or face a new goal to a next level, I always start by RUNNING. 

I do it for the mental discipline.  It helps me condition myself to get in a mind space of going all out and not giving up when I’m not seeing results yet.  When I force myself to push through the pain of my body and not let circumstances and feelings control me… It gets me in a ‘beast mode’ mentality where I feel so fierce like nothing can stop me. 


Deciding is only HALF the battle…

So the first day I only made it about ¼ mile before I had to stop.  Mike was nice and proud of me and I told him, “I’ll go farther and farther each time.” That was my intention.  It’s easy to set intentions. 

The next morning I did go farther.  And the next morning I went even farther.  By the time the fourth morning came, I was running along, panting like a maniac, my knees were on fire.  I felt like my legs were going to literally fall off and I was going to do a face plant any minute.  So when all those perceived limitations were before me… the inner conversations started…

“I don’t have to go farther today.”

“I didn’t say that I would go farther every single day… I just said I would go farther and farther as time went on… it doesn’t need to literally be every day.”

“As long as I am moving forward and improving overall, that’s what counts, I don’t need to go farther each day.”

As I trotted along, I’m trying to convince myself to stop and just walk.  I was trying to find a justification for wimping out and stopping short of my goal.  My mind was looking for a way to take the easy way and trying to convince me that mediocrity was okay.  I was looking for a way that I could walk today, but still somehow imagine that I would still get where I wanted to be in the future.  Hello? 


And if those thoughts weren’t bad enough… Here’s something else you might not know about me…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI used to own a Jazzercise Franchise.  Yep, sure did.  (That’s a pic of me over there doing my Jazzercise thang).  I may not have been the skinniest chick around (I’ve always been a bit thick, haha) but man I was so conditioned!  I was strong as all get out and I could out-cardio anyone on the planet.  I had stamina and strength endurance that was insane.  I regularly taught 11 classes a week in two locations. 

So you can imagine what lies and limiting beliefs started yacking at me now.  I’m still panting and running along, and I start hearing thoughts like…

“You’re so weak.”

“You used to teach 3 classes a day and push everyone in the room to their limits… and now you can’t even run a mile without passing out.”

“You are one weak loser… you should be pretty darn embarrassed.”

And then I was like, “NO! DANG IT!”  I am STRONG!  The fact that I am even doing this means I am strong as heck!  I can’t believe I even had this idea to do something so hard, something I don’t even like doing, something I’m not naturally good at… and that right there says I’m strong!  And the fact that I’m still going makes me even stronger than I was when I set the intention – because now I’m DOING IT in the face of opposition.  And I DID go farther that day, and have been every day.


It got me thinking… The same thing happens in business

When folks work as a private coaching client of ours, most of the time they are stepping out into new territory, they are stretching themselves, doing things that don’t naturally come easy to them.  They are investing in themselves, taking financial risk, creating new programs and products, going through launches, doing webinars, and lots of online marketing to get highly visible in the marketplace.

To put systems in place and design a truly leveraged business… It’s hard work.  They work their booties off.  They get out of their comfort zones.  They exert A LOT of time and energy to build and deploy these systems.  Everything is so new to you that you’re exerting so much energy on every little detail and you get kind of… pooped. 


What happens when you put in all that work and only see tiny results?

Most of the time when you’re launching something new, it’s likely that you’re not going to hit it out of the park the first time around.  In fact, it’s common.  Shoot, when Mike & I first launched our Marketing Game-Changer Program, we only sold 2.  Yes, that’s right, TWO!  Other coaches don’t tell you this.  They make you think it’s this magical fairy dust that you sprinkle on your biz. 

But the smaller results are completely normal because we were brand new, we had a small list, and plus there are so many factors that you are doing and thinking about the first time around as you’re actually building this deployable business asset.  You’re putting energy in places that you won’t need to put energy next time around because they will either be done already and you can recreate them easily, or they will be like second-nature to you.  Does that make sense? 


There was pain, oh yes, there was pain…

You put in some late nights… You put in some sleepless nights where your mind is racing with ideas… You pour in your heart and soul to create the best program you can create for people… Things go wrong… You want to break your computer… You wrestle with technology… You wrestle with fear of the unknown… There is sweat… There are tears… And then when you got a couple measly little sales… here come your inner conversations…

“I can’t believe I did all that work and pushed myself that hard… for this!”

“It would be much easier to just WALK… It’s easier to just get clients one by one like I was doing.  Yeah, it was slow, but at least the payoff was equivalent to the work, and it didn’t make me feel like I did 4x the amount of work for the same result.”

“Maybe my program is too broad.”

“I think my price might be too high… or is it too low?”

“Maybe my market IS too saturated, I should switch my niche.”

“You’re weak… this is so embarrassing.”

“You shouldn’t do this… What were you thinking that you could pull this off?  You don’t even deserve to have a leveraged business that gives you freedom.”

dont believeBut you know what?  You can’t believe everything you think.  You’ve got to do like I did when I was running!  You’ve got to declare that you are strong!  The fact that you even took a step to make such big leaps in your business and do something completely new to you means you’re strong! 


If you don’t give up… It gets easier… There is victory!

We didn’t let those 2 little sales get us down.  We had built a system.  We let it show us that what we are doing is working.  We kept on.  We deployed the system again.  We grew our audience and our list.  We got better and better at it.  It got easier and easier.  There was less work involved as time went on, things that were so foreign to us became like second nature.  And we turned those 2 tiny sales into over $54,000 in just about 3 months! WOW, right?

And then we went on to deploy these same systems, over and over again, making over $150k in our very first year… with one system… and one program… and tripling every year… Now we’re even teaching this stuff to our private coaching clients, which some are cashing in over $50k EACH MONTH… could you imagine if we had given up?  Sheeeesh!  Not only would our own business have suffered and we wouldn’t have realized our potential… but we also wouldn’t be making such a HUGE IMPACT in the lives of others as we are now!


So what about you?  Are you running your business and using that ‘beast mode’ mental discipline?

When things hurt, do you stop and walk instead?  When the results are hard to see in the beginning, do you decide to stop trying hard, and just walk?  No sense in killing yourself if you’re not seeing any results, right?  Or are you telling those voices and perceived limitations to shut the heck up?  Walking is easier, yes.  Walking has no discomfort.  It is pretty much impossible to fail at walking.  But walking is also slow as crap. 

But I’m here to tell you that in life and in business… Nothing will give you  more satisfaction than going all in, hardcore, full speed ahead, pounding the pavement, feeling the strain, feeling the pain, feeling the fear… but pushing yourself (even when the results are hard to see at first)… It makes the victory oh, so much sweeter. 

And hey, you know what?  It ALSO makes you that much more equipped to encourage and inspire others in life and business when you’ve already gotten the victory that so many others want.  To change the world… you’ve got to first change your own world (click here to tweet that fab quote). 

I hope my story encouraged you.  It was kinda scary putting something that personal out there, but if it can help just one person, it was worth it.  And if you’re tired of your current circumstances… If you’ve had enough… If you’re tired of just looking at your business where it is and being sad about it… If you’re tired of remaining in an undesirable state and letting it have control over you… If you’re tired of WALKING and just taking what comes, just getting one client trickling in at a time…

Then it’s time to take control and start RUNNING your business.  You don’t have to let pain control you, you don’t have to let the obstacles control you, you don’t have to let the feelings control you.  It IS POSSIBLE to build a leveraged business and the place to start is to get a steady flow of leads coming in like clockwork.  If this sounds like something you’re craving… We welcome you to check out this On-Demand Video Training List Building Machine”… It’s only available for a limited time… Click here to get the video access info

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