Back in the days while Robin and I were ‘finding our way’ and getting our biz off the ground we did some very interesting stuff…  Some of you may already know how we sold trash on Craigslist…  Yup, straight up trash ya’ll.

We actually had a ton of fun doing it.  We were young, care free and just downright willing to do whatever it took to ‘fund our dream’.  And sometimes it takes some good ol’ trash selling yo. 🙂  We did whatever it took to avoid workin’ for ‘the man’…

Funny thing is that although we did everything we could to avoid this, Robin had a very brief stint (3 months) doing telemarketing.  Even funnier thing is what she was selling.

During this 3 month stint Robin was working at an inbound telemarketing spot, and there were all kinds of things she answered the phone for and “sold”.  She really got a lot of skills in a short amount of time on how to “tailor a pitch” to a specific target market, for a specific product.

Among these products were a colon cleanser, pills to stop the ringing in your ears, electronic cigarettes to stop smoking… and in the mix of products were the infamous ‘male enhancement’ pills.  It’s actually quite funny (so feel free to chuckle here if need be).  We joke about it all the time, in retrospect, of course. 🙂  But I tell ya’ we learned a hugely valuable lesson during that time.

And no, it had nothing to do with ‘male enhancement’… 🙂  The lesson was of leverage and freedom.

Being in a sales position, Robin could do more than your typical ‘hourly’ employee. She was rewarded for performance. She could make more money, if she sold more. Upsells, cross sells, bonuses, you name it. But even though this job allowed for more money than most… there was STILL A CAP that had to do with the amount of people Robin could personally reach in a given amount of hours.  If she wanted to reach more people… she would have to put in more hours.

You see, early on we came to understand that we would never be able to create the lifestyle we wanted if we were ‘trading hours for dollars’.  We’d never have the freedom we so highly valued.

That lesson carried over into our business as we found ourselves not ‘workin’ for the man’ anymore but we were still trading ‘hours for dollars’.  Yeah, we were working for ourselves.  But so what?   We kinda became ‘the man’… to ourselves.  We still weren’t ‘free’.  And that’s when the lesson hit holeverage-in-your-businessme the most.

From that point on we completely shifted EVERYTHING we were doing and began to build leverage into our business.  We carefully and strategically created systematic funnels that set us free from the ‘dollars for hours’ cycle.  Not only did our business skyrocket but we found ourselves completely free.

(feel free to insert Mel Gibson from Braveheart here for dramatic effect) 🙂


And this is EXACTLY what we do for our clients.

If you’re like we were, trading ‘hours for dollars’…  You’re probably frustrated and maybe a little burned out.  Not the best place to be, right?

Robin and I would have a few slots folks who are serious and committed to massive growth.  We’d love to chat with you about how we can help you build leverage into your business and life…   If you think that’s you just click below and pick a day/time to chat with us and see if we’re a good fit.

Oh, and just to be very clear…

This call is designed to explore if we are a good fit to help you optimize your business, create leverage and increase revenue…

It’s NOT a “pick our brain” thing or a “free coaching session”… and we’re definitely not “cheap”… Soooooo…

If you have no interest in hiring a coach, getting intense strategies & training, or if you’re not committed to taking the necessary actions to get the results you desire, then our free Facebook Group might be a better fit for you than that call.

Fair enough?

Also, be sure to leave a comment below.  Let us know your stories of yearning for freedom, or when you finally found it… we’d love to hear!

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