social-media-marketing-engagementI can’t tell you how many times I read or hear something about Facebook marketing or social media marketing and all I tend to hear is that it is all about ‘creating engagement’.  I’m sure you’ve read enough blogs or watched enough webinars that said this to know what I’m talking about here, right?  And well I’m kind of sick of hearing this and you should be too!  The last time I checked my bank won’t allow me to write a check for ‘engagement’.  Nope!  It has to be in dollars.  So why are so many entrepreneurs being told that ‘creating engagement’ is what Facebook marketing and social media is all about?

I can tell you very simply why.  Much of what we are hearing out there is really just rehashed non-sense that someone else heard some ‘guru’ say and since they haven’t really tested and proven what REALLY works they kind of just keep rehashing this whole ‘engagement’ idea.  I mean it sounds good and also turns out to be very hard to measure, right?  Now don’t get me wrong ‘engagement’ does have some significance and it is a certain piece of the puzzle but the problem is that ALL of the focus is on this and NOT on making money!

Because we’ve been hearing this whole ‘engagement’ spiel for so long we’ve lost focus on the real why behind our marketing efforts, whether social media or not; to generate more revenue in our business.  Period!  If this isn’t our focus then we wind up wasting a lot of time and money while also being fooled into believing that, “well it’s really all about engagement”.

So why do we hear this ‘engagement’ stuff almost everywhere we turn?

Well I know for certain that there is no malicious or deceptive intent behind this it’s really just that in this information age we live in it has become so easy to recycle information without testing, proving and determining the real results.  Especially when what the results should be (revenue/business growth) has become obscured.

Social media marketing is and should be a great lead and revenue generator for your business.  Now like I shared above ‘engagement’ DOES play a part in this but the goal is always to generate leads and revenue otherwise I’m just wasting time with little or no results.  Building relationships and creating quality content that engages your visitors and ‘tribe’ is definitely important and has tremendous value (so don’t go on misquoting me or saying that, “he said relationships or engagement doesn’t matter because I definitely know that it does 🙂) but what has happened is that entrepreneurs have been steered away from the real reason we went on social media in the first place; to get more clients.

Now if I went ahead and wrapped this article up without giving you at least one, solid thing you could do in your business to make social media marketing work right you’d probably think I was a jerk, right? 🙂  So I definitely want to give you something valuable you can take away and implement right now in your business.

One of the most important things you must do in this area is to recognize that ‘social media’ or Facebook is NOT the goal or center of your strategy.  Social media is a part of the overall strategy and functions as one component of the ‘big picture’. (This is part of what we cover in our highly coveted List Building Machine Program)  So what I mean is that these platforms are all highly leverageable tools to drive targeted, qualified target to pages specifically designed, written and created to convert these visitors into leads and sales.  This is where social media is changed from a distracting time waster to a powerful lead generating tool for your business. 

If you’ve been aimlessly pursuing ‘engagement’ and haven’t had any real, monetary results from your efforts you may want to check our newest and hottest training ‘List Building Machine‘… Robin and I created this to ‘level the playing field’… we wanted to give, even the little guys, access to the same strategies the ‘big guys’ are using.  You can click on the image below to learn more >>


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