Social Media Marketing… It’s No “Hidden Secret”…

keep-it-realIt’s really a no brainer that you HAVE GOT TO BE SEEN on social media in today’s day and age if you want to play the game for big bucks… but it seems that there is this “ever-elusive” formula to success that only the “Gurus” know, and it’s just not true.  There’s no secret formula, secret sauce or anything really secret at all.  One of the biggest things I’ve found in working with entrepreneurs is that there is this fear to be real, to be genuine and well, that is exactly what your customers, clients and prospects are looking for.  REAL!  People love real, genuineness.  Its almost a breath of fresh air when you encounter someone who “tells it like it is”, right?  Why?  Because there is so little of this going on in the business community right now and the entrepreneurs who are actually DOING this are totally crushing it!

Why Do Some Struggle?

There are a lot of reasons why entrepreneurs struggle with social media and social media marketing and here are a few of the most common:

  • Don’t have a clear goal for WHY I WANT TO USE IT (do I want to be known as expert, do I want direct sales, or am I just doing it because I am supposed to?)
  • Don’t have anything you stand for – no real brand identity or purpose
  • Don’t understand the basics of what drives social media and how to approach it
  • Afraid to give free content (Hello?  Your competitors already are!)

And so many more – but I’m sure everybody knows there are roadblocks and struggles but I want to give you three simple insights that you can take away that you can put to practice to OVERCOME all those struggles and be a success! 

#1 – Are You a REAL Giver?

First and foremost you have to be on social media to GIVE!  Give content… give VALUE… give advice… motivate… inspire… make people laugh… give tips and tools of the trade.  You cannot be afraid to GIVE what you know… don’t be stingy.  People don’t want you to sell AT THEM constantly. 

If you’ve never been much of a giver in business, or you’re afraid of giving too much away, afraid that nobody will buy from you, this is just something you’ll only learn from experience to see what I mean.  It’s a principle that cannot be ignored. 

#2 – What the Heck Is Your Purpose?

While it’s true that most consumers follow a brand for no other reason than to get deals, offers and special discounts… a lot of consumers are also drawn to the brand due to a connection with their personal beliefs – or their core message they are sending out – the overall social positive impact the company has in the world. 

Does the message your business sends out, or the purpose of your business make people better? … Does it make marketing better? … Does it seek to reduce poverty? … Does it change mindsets?…  Does it empower women? … Does it help animals? … Does it provide jobs for stay-at-home moms? … All these second bottom line things can be DIRECT things your business does, or INDIRECT.  It doesn’t even have to be something that your business DOES, but maybe something that you as the business owner are passionate about, and something you stand for.  People identify with passion, they are starved for positive role models and they are ACTIVELY SEEKING OUT causes to identify themselves with and be a part of.

simon sinek quote

Plus, it’s a known scientific fact that people are creatures that are highly susceptible to external influences of group inclusion, authority, and social proof. It’s important to define your business purpose… what your business is and isn’t about, because that also tells WHY YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE so SPECIAL…

When you create this “group division” type of atmosphere… and not only show what you ARE about… but what you are NOT ABOUT… people want to get on board… think of Apple vs the PC… a lot of people would describe Apple brand fanatics as “cultish” because they are soooooo loyal to the brand. 

That’s because Apple clearly states their purpose… and they clearly state what they are…. AND WHAT THEY ARE NOT…. We are not like PCs….

It’s a careful and delicate process…. Define your purpose…. Go against the flow of the masses…. And create this “Us vs. Them” attitude with your customers … without specifically calling out and dogging out other businesses and destroying potentially profitable (and meaningful) connections.

#3 – Be Social!

This seems like a no-brainer, but shockingly enough, this is where so many businesses and entrepreneurs fail!  Social Media is all about being “Social”!  Many businesses look at Social Media like every other marketing channel and approach it with a sell, sell, sell attitude leaving their audience frustrated, irritated and over-sold.  Social Media is all about creating quality engagement that leads to lasting business relationships.

Respond to people, talk to them. 

This isn’t the place to have a clique of your closest friends and think it is “tacky” for a “stranger” to start talking to you and liking your posts.  Have you ever seen that one person that just seems to like every single thing you post… and you have no idea who they are?  I’ve seen business person after business person COMPLAIN about this…. and think that this person is a wacko and a freak stalker, and they try to get rid of them and avoid them. Why?  You’re on social media to market your business, but yet you ONLY to talk to people you already know?  Uh, that’s kind of contradictory, right?

This is crazy thinking… This ‘freak person’ that you don’t know who is commenting on all your posts is your brand evangelist!  If you don’t want people getting in on your conversations, you shouldn’t be on social media.  We are on social media to be seen and get seen and noticed by people we couldn’t and wouldn’t reach in other ways… you’ve got someone loving the heck out of you… make them welcome!!!!  Realize what they are REALLY doing when they do that… they are trying to build a relationship with you, they are saying I like you, they are publicly saying they identify with you, so much so that I don’t mind if all my friends know that I like you. 

You WANT STRANGERS TO TALK TO YOU and you want to welcome them with open arms… get to know people… seriously… for real… laugh with them… ask them questions… get to know them … talk about whatever makes you (and them) tick. 

Stop being so snobby, stop being so elitist, and stop being so hyper-sensitive assuming everyone’s a spammer.  How about this?  How about you engage in a conversation FIRST before making assumptions?  Give people a chance, have an open mind and a ‘believe the best’ outlook… You might find yourself making a lot more strategic connections, and getting a lot more leads and clients!

Social media marketing can actually be a lot of fun for you and your business.  Its also great if you combine social media with affiliate marketing. Here’s a great resource if you’re interested in learning affiliate marketing. Its all about how you approach you and how willing you are to let your true self and true “business” self shine through!  We teach all of our clients that you HAVE to be genuine, you HAVE to be willing to draw those lines in the sand!  Your fans will love you for it!

Understanding your “why” and your “who” and being open to opportunities are tantamount to having success online.  Social Media Strategy is actually ‘Power Play #5’ in our Marketing Game-Changer 8-Week Training Program.  All of our Marketing Game-Changer students have been kicked in their butts (in a good way) and reworking their message and offerings and they’ve been seeing great success almost overnight.  Here’s a sneak peek into what they’ve said about the program ==> Marketing Game-Changer Sneak Peek

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