If you’re anything like us, you started your own business with dreams of making insane amounts of money, never being tied down to the local, unpredictable economy, and never having to answer to “the man” again.

You probably had dreams your days would go like this…

You’d wake up whenever you wanted and never have to set an alarm clock because you live life on your own terms

You’d have the time and financial freedom to take a vacation whenever you wanted and travel to exotic destinations

You’d be able to finally earn an income doing what you lovewithout sacrificing your family and missing out on your kids’ milestones…

But instead…

You have to get your butt up at the crack of dawn and HUSTLE all day long… sometimes pulling 60 to 80-hour workweeks (without the benefit of overtime)…

You’re constantly working harder and harder to meet the demands of your clients and keep your business afloat…

And you’re flat-out exhausted.

Or at least that’s how it went for us until Christmas of 2012 when we realized…


Stuck in the snow having to drive to the nearest internet signal to serve clients on our vacation in 2012, still not free in our own business.


We didn’t even have the time to enjoy Christmas and take a real vacation because our clients had work to be done, and we had a business to run.

That’s the moment when we realized that the online business dream we’d battled to build from scratch and fought long and hard to turn into a 6-figure empire wasn’t what we thought it would be.

If success means making loads of cash, only to be too strapped for time to enjoy it (or to spend time with your family, or to celebrate Christmas, or to take a vacation, or to help more people)… then it’s not worth it.

That’s exactly why we decided to change our entire business model.

And today, we want to show you how you can STOP trading your time for money and START discovering how to get both time and financial freedom by changing your business model too!

Start here…

Instead Of Working Hours For Dollars… Start Leveraging For Time And Moneyclock

If you want to make a crapton of money without working harder… then first change the way you think about your business.

It’s no longer about reaching 6 or even 7 figures. Remember, it doesn’t matter how much money you make if you don’t have time to really live life. Plus, if you’re making $100k/year and working 80+ hours/week, your hourly rate will start to put things in perspective…

Constantly striving to boost sales, market your services, and serve your clients is exhausting.

Instead, you need to adopt this critical shift in your business model:

Instead of trading your hours of hard work for a paycheck and doing all the hard work for others… figure out how to leverage your business to work fewer hours while earning way more money

Here Are 3 Ways To Leverage Your Biz So You Can Earn More And Work Less:

1. Change Your Offerings.

If you operate any kind of business where people pay you a fee in exchange for a service you do, listen up…

Stop what you’re doing.

Say goodbye to your “done-for-you services” model, and do this instead:

Find a way to offer group coaching, training, or self-study programs that you can create 1 time and sell over and over and over to a massive online following of loyal customers.

Instead of you doing all the work and using up your precious hours, you’ll be able to help way more people and make more money… all while working fewer hours.

For help improving your offers and marketing your offers online for maximum conversions, check out our online training program Funnel Fanatics

2. Magnetically attract clients the easy way.lead-magnet

The hours of actual work you perform for clients isn’t the only thing stealing your valuable time. It also requires a TON of time and effort to constantly try to attract new clients and keep your pipeline full of hungry prospects.

If you’re always worried about where your next 5 high-paying prospects will come from, you need to forget everything you thought you knew about attracting clients.

Stop wasting hours of your day on random online marketing methods and list building tactics… and start magnetically attracting your ideal prospects with these…

Lead magnets.

With a lead magnet, you give away something of value in exchange for a prospect’s information so you can start sending them your marketing messages.

It’s easier than you think to create irresistible lead magnets that automagically pull in your ideal prospects.

This is the key to getting highly targeted leads that are the most likely to purchase your offers… so you don’t have to waste time on list-building gimmicks or stay up all night worrying about how you’re going to gain more customers.

Lead magnets make it easy to keep your pipeline full of people who are eager to put their money in your pocket.

3. Use A System

Here’s a bit of free advice:

Stop throwing away money on fly-by-night Internet marketing “gurus’” hacks, tactics, and gimmicks… and start implementing a SYSTEM that markets your business and converts your prospects for you 24/7/365.

Far too many online entrepreneurs fall into the trap of doing, doing, doing… implementing different tricks… hustling their butts off to make that money and keep their clients happy…

Look, we’ve been there. Done that.

There’s nothing wrong with working hard. But working smart is a whole heck of a lot better!

When you have a sales and marketing system in place, suddenly you don’t have to spend hours of your time guessing at the next right step to take all while chasing down your next client and making sure your daily checklist gets done.

Now you have a machine that automatically pulls in your perfect clients and converts them on demand.

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Time to work smarter…

You’ve learned the basics of how to leverage your business so you can end your days of trading time for money, but now it’s time to take action.

First, you need to understand that the life of time and financial freedom you crave is absolutely within reach

You could:

Travel where you want when you want…

Live life on your own terms (instead of waking up to an alarm clock)…

And change the lives of thousands of people across the globe…

You just need to learn how to systematize your sales and marketing process and master the art of leverage, and we’re going to help!

We’ve put together an in-depth walk through program to teach you the simple (and extremely powerful) steps to take to optimize your online business with smart sales and marketing systems and processes. You’ll discover our time-tested and proven strategies for building a successful online business so you can finally put an end to the soul-crushing busy work!

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