LinkedIn for business system

LinkedIn for Business.

Ready to finally break through to the next level in your life and business?

You’re smart.  You’re savvy. You know exactly what you want in your business!

Let’s face it.  You can only grow so much without support.  Meaningful and strategic partnerships are going to be the foundation for your success.  So learning to use LinkedIn for business leverage is the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

Linkedin for business collaboration currencyCollaboration is the new currency.

Says, Liora Mendeloff, President & Founder of the Women’s Speaker Association (WSA)

There’s a major transformational shift going on in business today.  There’s a move away from competition and into collaboration.  What worked in the past to grow your business and really make the impact you want to make just isn’t working anymore.

Unlock the Magic of LinkedIn for Business Growth.

Joining forces with others who share your target market (or new markets you want to reach) is not only your key to survival, but a way to be a part of something much bigger than “business”.

So yes, this also means joining forces with “the competition”.  No more nastiness.  No more fear and worry.  No more hoarding and closed fist mentality.  When you start using LinkedIn for business growth you’ll be amazed at what you and other folks can co-create.  You’ll also be amazed  at how there’s more than enough money available for everyone!

Unlock the power of LinkedIn for Business Growth

LinkedIn is overflowing with potential partners who are looking for the same thing you are.

To make lots of money, and make a difference!
Social media is all the buzz nowadays.  Facebook has received most of the accolades but here are a few stats that show just how smart it is to be on LinkedIn for business:

  • 4 out of 5 LinkedIn members drive business decisions
  • Average household income is $150,000
  • 64% say LinkedIn helps them develop relationships and grow new business
  • 78% of members prefer to have separate social networks for personal and professional lives
LinkedIn for Business vs Facebook

Average Household Income

Facebook User – $61,000
LinkedIn user – $109,000

Number of Decision Makers

Facebook – 30%
LinkedIn – 67%

These numbers tell us that both the money to make the purchase and the person who can make the actual buying decision are found on LinkedIn. So if you’re a serious entrepreneur or coach with a passion to make a difference, you should be there too!  And not just be there but be effective at generating real leads!

The amount & quality of leads are matchless.

And using LinkedIn for business networking is the crème de la crème. 

LinkedIn for business money on the tableYou may actually already have a LinkedIn business profile and been using it a bit.  But the problem is that many entrepreneurs and business coaches find themselves wasting lots of time, just jumping on every once in a while with a buckshot approach.

So you aren’t fully tapping into the power of LinkedIn for business lead generation, and you end up leaving lots of money on the table.

Eeeks!  So HOW do you use it RIGHT?

We’re thrilled to tell you about our remarkable training series, the LinkedIn Lead Generator System.  In this digital training program I’ll show you how I personally and continually use LinkedIn for business growth.

linkedin for business growth system

Are you missing out on profitable opportunities?

  • Are you getting real leads, and tons of web traffic from your LinkedIn profile?
  • Are your LinkedIn connections turning into strategic partnerships and new customers on a regular basis?
  • linkedin for business woman thinkingDo you get regular JV invitations to get in front of more people?
  • Have you been invited to speak at an event from someone on LinkedIn?
  • Have you met and cultivated at least one real and meaningful connection with a ‘power player’?
  • Do you get regular referrals from connections you’ve made on LinkedIn?
  • Or are folks just passing you up on LinkedIn because your profile is uninteresting, cold, pushy, or just plain old boring?

Just imagine the possibilities for your life and business if you …

  • Had dozens of people contacting you each week wanting to connect with you and inquiring about your products & services.
  • Had a profile that acts like a team of salespeople who are dedicated to bringing in a steady flow of leads (and income)
  • Didn’t have to spend thousands on advertising and building your brand online
  • Could tap into an endless supply of quality leads and customers right at your fingertips
  • Became the authority in your niche commanding a higher price

This is your roadmap to
make all that a reality.

The LinkedIn Lead Generator System will show you how to use LinkedIn to effectively rise to the top of your industry as an expert, create profitable business relationships and generate quality leads over and over again!

Here’s just some of what you will learn:

Lesson 1 – Navigating Basics

Lesson 2 – Why am I on LinkedIn?

  • Understand “why” you’re there and “who” is your best connection “type”
  • Learn how to reach your audience

Lesson 3 – Crafting a profile that speaks YOUR message.

  • Creating a clear and compelling profile

Lesson 4 – Determining who the “right” connection is and where to find them.

  • Learn how to find the groups, what to share and more.

Lesson 5 – Crafting a “welcome” message.

  • Learn how to promote your business and brand without sounding like a “scummy” sales person

Lesson 6 – Tips, tricks and strategies.

  • Integrating LinkedIn with your other social network profiles for maximum effectiveness.
  • How to maximize your time with just one button


1. Instant access to ALL of the “LinkedIn Lead Generator” training videos

2. All of the Power Point slides used during the series

PLUS:  You’ll also Mike’s LinkedIn Goal Assessment Cheat Sheet.

linkedin for business growth system

Grab your instant download now for only $147!


We dare you to be the coach or entrepreneur who adds the greatest value in your industry by sharing your transformational message with the most people possible!

We’re looking forward to hearing all your LinkedIn success stories of creating fabulous and meaningful partnerships, getting a steady flow of referrals, expanding your reach and creating the life you deserve — because you cared enough to reach out to some people just like you.


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