Women are wired to care. We want to empower everyone, help everyone and make the world beautiful and happy.

That’s what we were created to do. That’s what makes us so fabulous! Right now the world is hungry for real, genuine people who really care about them – so it’s definitely an opportune time for women in business.

Women who are owning those qualities, and taking that passion and God-given characteristic and bringing it into their businesses are absolutely killing it – literally making millions of dollars doing what they were born to do, and loving every minute of it. They don’t have to pretend to be something else to fit in with the big boys. They’re 100% real and making craploads of money. They’ve got swarms of folks coming to their website and Facebook page on a daily basis, lining up to buy their products, and they sell out programs faster than you can even finish daydreaming about it.


But if we all have that same characteristic, why are some struggling?

Why are some women still playing small, day in and day out, trying to make money and keep their business alive? Why aren’t ALL women crazy successful? No matter what you do, what new strategy you try, you’re just not getting traffic, you’re just not getting sign ups, you’re not building your list, you’re not making money, and you feel confused because you thought this whole ‘caring, giving, empowering’ thing was the way to go.


The one thing that makes some women successful — is the same thing that makes other women fail.

This might sound strange, but the same thing that makes some women great in business is the same thing that’s killing yours. Your soft heart. The business world is experiencing a major shift and folks are starving for connections. No more fake, pushy, salesy, impersonal business. People are tapping into what really matters in life.

And so having a soft heart is one of the best things a woman in business today can have going for her. But on the flip side, it’s the one thing that can literally suck the life and profitability right out of your business if you let it. What do I mean?
women in business, online marketing

A business can’t survive without marketing. And marketing can’t survive without clarity.

You see, the women that are taking their soft heart and making it to the ‘big time’ are laser focused on what they want to give the world. They don’t try to help everyone with everything.

Successful women wear platforms.

They’ve got a point of view, a purpose and a clear, solid message and they stick with it.


Now let’s get real here for a minute.

If you have a business of your own there’s no doubt you’re plugged in to what’s going on out there on the internet. There’s no doubt you keep up to date on your competitors, you follow mentors, you listen to training and get advice from business coaches all day long, right?

Well how many of you have watched a video, read a Facebook post, read a sales page, learned about a program, or read a blog from another successful business woman, and when you read their words, your heart just went pitter pat? Your heart just melts at their words. You fall in love with their message. Your heart rises up inside of you and you say “YES! People need that!” and it resonates with you so deeply. You recognize the way it makes you feel so empowered, you recognize how it affected you by listening…


… And then what comes next is where you blow it.

Next you say to yourself, “I want to do that too! I want to teach people that. I want to help people with that.” because it made you feel so darn good about yourself and you’re naturally wired to want to do that for others too!


But you have your own business, with your own purpose, and you have something that’s uniquely yours.

Many women let their soft hearts lead them astray day after day as you witness other successful women around you. You let your compassion and your ‘inner agreement’ with what they are doing move you out of your own clarity and off your own platform.


Rock your platforms.

women in business, online marketing

Every successful business has one clear platform. One point of view. One message. One purpose. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you only DO one thing. Of course, you can offer plenty of different products and services, but they all stem from that one platform.

For example, our platform is that there is ‘busy’ marketing… and there is ‘smart’ marketing.  Smart marketing focuses on Authority + Attraction + Automation™ and gets you maximum results without sucking the life out of you… so you can have the thing you became an entrepreneur in the first place… FREEDOM. Smart marketing turns down all the noise out there and uses LEVERAGE and highly focused efforts to produce insane results without spreading yourself too thin.

And the other ‘angle’ to our platform is that people shouldn’t believe the lies that marketing is easier for the big dogs, they believe the lies and act like sissies believing that it’s somehow harder for them to market their business than it is for everyone else and it keeps them playing small, they don’t try, they don’t know what’s right in front of them and available. We want to empower people with the knowledge and tools to know they can play big, and they can do it now, today, and keep up with the big guys in easy, creative, fun and LEVERAGED ways to get success while truly bootstrapping and having your biz fund itself along the way.

So that’s our ‘platform‘ if you will… Our message… Our heart… Our viewpoint.

So it doesn’t matter what we sell. We sell our Marketing Game Changer Program, we sell 1-1 coaching programs, we sell specialized training about Email Marketing + Autoresponders and List Building… but no matter what ‘topic’ or ‘thing’ we’re helping folks with… it all comes from that one place. It all comes from that place that’s near and dear to our heart. It’s all angled in that one way. We’re wearing our platforms in everything we do, we never leave home without them. That’s what makes us different. That’s what keeps us relevant in the midst of millions of other marketing businesses.


Be ‘moved’… And don’t be moved.

We help folks with marketing all day long, and one thing always rings true. You absolutely cannot succeed in your marketing without clarity. Keeping that clarity and focus on your platform is what builds a great empire. No matter what you build, come from that place, stay clear, and don’t waver.

Don’t change your ‘heart message’ every time you get inspired by all those other fabulous women out there. Be moved, get inspired, let it resonate, agree with them, cheer them on… but stay clear on your message, don’t be moved.


Here’s a great tip on how to stay clear —

✔   Write down your platform (your purpose, your message) as many places as you can and keep it posted in front of you.

This way, when you’re bombarded daily with all the other messages that you fall in love with and that melt your heart – you can remain steadfast on your own platform.  Heck, start writing it down now!  I want to hear your message and your purpose – write it down in the comments section below and own it 


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