I went through 3 internet marketing coaches in 2013 because they all SUCKED (and one cost me over $9,720)!!! In less than 30 days of working with Mike and Robin I made $4,296 through an online sale they helped me with my offer & how to write my emails. Not to mention a month later, they had me do another online sale and I made another $2,574.

They have helped me write a talk that's structured to sell, shown me exactly how to promote my webinars, and how to launch my programs. My first launch with Mike & Robin has profited me another $10,528 already (getting 188 new members in my Rockstar Mompreneurs Academunity in one pop) ... and this is just the beginning.

We are at barely 90 days working together and that's the results that I've had so far. $17,398 in 90 days. OMG!

Alishia Wilardson, Direct Sales Business Coach www.PeakPowerCoach.com

During the Marketing Game-Changer Program, I got a quick cash injection of $2000 right away, landed my biggest client ever, got 3 media mentions, a radio interview... and I am on 1st page of Google!"

Marilyn Arriaga, Goodie Bag Marketing | www.GoodieBagMarketing.com

"Mike & Robin and their Game-Changer program gave me not only the clear and concise information I needed to grow my business, but the accountability and encouragement to make sure I actually followed through and made things happen. I was able to organize the seemingly insurmountable mountain of tasks that I had been putting off and actually turn them into landing pages, copy, sales funnels, etc.

"My website has become completely lead capture based and my copy went from being all about me and my business to copy that is compelling and actually generates leads and sales!! My Alexa rank went down from 1.8m to 600k by the end of the program and my opt-ins have started rolling in as well.

"I am thrilled that I now have specialized landing, sales and squeeze pages that targets specific visitors and maximizes conversions so when I run ads, ppc or other advertising, I can be get the most out of it. I'm a web developer who "already knew" about internet marketing, but I got TONS out of their program, because they make it relevant to you and apply lessons and techniques in ways that will amaze you. I feel like I've been able to get my arms around my own internet marketing. Thanks, Mike and Robin!!"

Josh Adams, WordPress Web Design/Development Expert | www.RockPaperSimple.com

In April, I realized that I needed some help with clarity and direction for my business. I was working all the time, putting in much effort, and not getting much back for that effort. I started looking for potential programs that could help me and I almost signed up for a program that I fell in love with - only it cost nearly $9,000 and I would be making payments on it for several years.

"The same weekend that I was feeling bad that I couldn't justify spending that much money, I somehow found the webinar from Mike & Robin. I didn't even hesitate. I signed up right there on the spot. I recognized in their webinar that they could provide me with the framework and accountability that I was craving for my business.... and it was a STEAL of a DEAL compared to the other programs I had been investigating.

"I am so happy I signed up. I have come to respect both Mike and Robin immensely for their knowledge and skill sets and the way they have their programs set up. I've been pushed to complete important items on my to-do list, to refine my website, my social media presence, my perspective on my clients, to think bigger, and so much more. I know that I have received far more in coaching and training than what I have paid for the course. The information is invaluable... you won't regret signing up!

"Besides all the clarity and personal growth, I have tripled my email list, I got picked up by some press to feature me in articles, and in less than 24 hours I got 341 Facebook fans! This is PROOF of the awesomeness of the information we've been learning in class! Thank you, thank you!"

Janet Stephenson, Transformation Coach |www.Butterfly-Maiden.com
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Ready to get some real butt-kickin’ results like theirs?

If you’re ready to take advantage of the online opportunities that you've been neglecting, and not settle for less than your dream business... Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session where we'll find out exactly what you've got going on and if we'd be a good fit for each other.

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I had been thinking of re-designing my website / blog for some time as my summer project and had been looking at some designs for ideas but I wasn't decided what direction to go yet. Then, I hooked up with Mike & Robin through my private FB group and I am so GLAD I DID! I got exposed to new ideas, online marketing & strategies as well as gazillions of new concepts, at least to me. Mike & Robin over-delivered on this coaching, giving away more than I've EVER had coaches give before.

Every week for 8 weeks, they were over the top in their training, clear, precise, simple with strategic action steps to build on. As a small business coach myself, I was totally impressed by the expertise they shared with the group. The old saying, "If you want to be a coach, YOU have to be coachable" proved true! I could clearly see these guys knew what they were talking about BECAUSE they had been coachable themselves. That is the highest compliment - a good coach is constantly learning and going higher.

Since implementing what I learned, these are some results:

  • Increased my income 30%
  • The conversion and optimization techniques got me 50% more appointments booked directly from my blog
  • My blog traffic increased from 2000-5000 views to 5000-8000 views daily
  • I get 3-4 sales conversations booked a week, these are targeted leads who already know they need or want what I offer, no convincing needed! Woohoo!

Game Changers Rocks!!! I highly recommend the Marketing Game-Changer Program to anyone looking to grow their business online. What you will learn from Mike & Robin will absolutely take your business to places unseen before. Take a step of faith and GO FOR IT!

Norma Doiron, Business Coach | NormaDoiron.net

they OVER delivered with all the high-level strategies and individual care and attention I received! As I look back, I am amazed at all that they crammed in our few short weeks together!![/highlight]

“When I started, I really was not focused on my ideal client, and now I really have a sense of who I can help and how I can help them, and that has just changed my business dramatically because now I know that I can just target certain people and not have to talk to the whole world. Now I’m specific about it, I’m not just hoping that somebody will come along. I am now getting new clients weekly – a client a week is fabulous.

“I have such a solid foundation to build on as I move forward. One of the greatest breakthroughs I had with Mike & Robin was that I have hope …it really IS possible to make my mark in the online world and build a sustainable business. This has been an invaluable lesson for me both personally and for my business!

“I would absolutely recommend Marketing Game-Changer and Mike & Robin as wise mentors, because I now have more determination than ever to achieve the results I want and I owe it all to this program. I’m so thankful.”

Cindy Taylor, Direct Sales Business Coach www.CindyBiz.com

Despite being a sales expert, I'm far from being a marketing expert so I knew I was losing potential clients who visited my website.

I can't tell you how invaluable it was to have Mike & Robin analyze my website with ‘fresh eyes’. Robin showed me where my home page and services page were confusing to a web visitor who didn’t know anything about me or my business. And of course when people are confused, they don’t buy. She also showed me how to better utilize my 'above the fold' space for maximum effect and gave me options for better navigation and organization. What was even better is that after receiving these powerful strategies I was able to get them and their team to implement all of it for me so it didn’t disrupt my day-to-day business activities.

I knew I was leaving money on the table so I’m truly thankful to Robin for opening my eyes to new ways to generate more sales!

Carolyn Herfurth, Business Development Strategist | Speaker www.theBizTruth.com

“Mike and Robin- I just want to take a moment to say Thank you so much for all your help in getting my website up and running. I am not a computer wiz and was so reluctant to even start my own website. I very quickly understood the power of the internet and new if I wanted my business to succeed I needed to have a website. I went through WordPress and started the whole process and was very happy with my page. Then I also started reading about SEO and how to add it to your website. No matter how I tried I just couldn't figure out how to make the SEO program activate on my website. After calling many SEO companies and realizing it was going to cost me at least $1000.00 a month to have this service installed, I really was at wits end. Being in direct sales, this just was not a possibility. I just happened to stumble across your site and loved your articles. You break down everything in very easy terms and not only engage your readers, but help them understand how to optimize your website and business. That is what caught me and made me reach out to you both. I knew I found two great people who knew what they were doing and I wouldn't have to be bankrupt trying to get my website up and running. What started out as an SEO training turned into a bigger issue. My website was not equipt to have SEO or any plug in added to it. No wonder I couldn't get anywhere. I loved that you guys turned the training around for me and installed my website into the correct hosting program, so that I could now add SEO and have my website start ranking the way it should. In just a day my numbers doubled, and they keep doubling daily. It's exactly what I was looking for and I couldn't be more excited. Without your help I would still be getting just a few hits a day, but instead my website is taking off, just the way I was hoping for. You both were so polite, courteous and never made me feel like an idiot. And trust me I know my computer skills are pretty weak. I promise to not only spread the word for you, but will be back for more training and any updates that I will need for my blog. You truly are amazing. Thank you for all your support

Betsy Charlesworth, It Works! | Entrepreneur

I invited Mike to speak at Skyrocket Your Success, a premier 2-day intensive business building event that I hosted and organized. I really loved how he and his wife played off each other and were able to create an environment that was inviting and engaging.  Mike immediately captivated the audience and built a relationship with them while opening our eyes to ways we could better identify and connect with our target market and make more money.  Mike was high energy, interactive and his story really hit home and showed us that anyone can do it with the right focus, drive and determination.  I would highly recommend you listen to Mike and implement what he’s teaching!

Darby Koller, Chief Extraordinaire of Opportunities | www.AskDarby.com

Hiring Mike and his team is the BEST investment I could have ever made in my business! I’m continually delighted with the quality and creativity of the graphics they produce – every month they send me images to proof it always feels like a new batch of Xmas presents arriving in my inbox. They've got an incredible eye for aesthetics and really know how to capture my brand in the most gorgeous way – always exceeding my expectations every time. I’m thrilled with all Mike’s work and regard him and his team as leading authorities for everything connected with online marketing. What a delight to find such a pool of talent all in one place!

Kim Sarrasin, Dating Coach | Speaker | Author www.AttractYourKing.com

I am so delighted I decided to work with Mike & Robin to help me expand the reach of my business through social media channels. The results have been incredible! In less than 2 months, my Twitter following increased by over 77% and my Facebook likes more than doubled. Plus they also found great leads for me through social media for potential clients and speaking opportunities. I highly recommend!

Carolyn Ellis, Coach | Author | Speaker www.BrillianceMastery.com

I recently started a brand new business and I was completely overwhelmed with how much marketing needs to go into a business and how many different things there are out there. I really had no idea how to brand or market my business or who to market to. Mike and his team went all in! They started me out with the basics, a custom logo, biz card & website. They not only went out of their way to make sure we were fully satisfied but they provided TONS of training and gave us methods that are cheap and free that we can use to market ourselves. We also hired Mike and his team to help us create and increase our social media presence. We really were totally in the dark when it comes to online and social media marketing but Mike helped us develop a clear strategy while also growing our Facebook likes from 21 to over 800, increased our Twitter followers from just 5 to over 1000 and also helped to promote our website gaining over 250 Google +1’s that has helped our site rank higher in search results. All I can say is thanks man! We really had no idea how to market our business online or even how to approach social media but your strategies, training and help have allowed us to create and effective online presence!

Jeremy Bensen, Entrepreneur | www.TransConcreteDesigns.com

The level of customer service and response times associated with my inquiries was amazing! Customer service is, and always will be, a key factor for me in deciding where I shop and take my business. Thanks Mike…YOU ROCK!!!

Matthew Baker, www.TheBestLittleDatingSiteinTexas.com

Mike & Robin's creativity and customization have been most impressive. I love that they take initiative and are constantly making recommendations for ways that my business can stand out from the crowd and my message can be shared loud and clear. The results have been as diverse as increasing my followers on social media, through to consistent high quality visual presentations in front of large audiences.

Pat Mussieux, Business Coach | Speaker www.WealthyWomenLeaders.com

Mike his team grew my Facebook “likes” from 0 to over 600. Each post had an average of 60 engaged users and my page's virality was always over 150%.  Everything got comments and shares.  The most important part is that this was achieved in 4 weeks’ time starting from scratch. While I'm not a social media expert, most people who looked at it were impressed with the graphics, and loved my new social presence.

John F. Groom, Author | Speaker www.whitehouseexpenses.com
Yes, I'm Ready!

Ready to get some real butt-kickin’ results like theirs?

If you’re ready to take advantage of the online opportunities that you've been neglecting, and not settle for less than your dream business... Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session where we'll find out exactly what you've got going on and if we'd be a good fit for each other.

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