Online Marketing Testing to Increase Profitability

In terms of online business, there are two types of comparative testing that you can apply to the pages of your site, A/B, split or back-to-back testing as against multivariate testing. The first of these is obviously relatively straightforward and basic, as you are testing one version of your webpage against another on which very few , or often, only one change has been made. Multivariate testing, on the other hand, means that you are testing several variables at the same time, which obviously means that the analysis of any results that you obtain from your tests is somewhat more complex. Nevertheless, it is certainly possible to run a very effective multivariate testing campaign by using some great free software which we will look at in a lot more detail later. There are, of course, paid software programs that claim to do a far more in-depth job, but, from my own testing, I am not so sure that they do so. Hence, I am going to focus on the free software to show how you can set up various multivariate testing experiments.

online-marketing-tipsFor now, however, let us consider the two different types of testing, before considering why and how you would use them.

When you are split testing, you take two version of what is essentially the same page (with very few changes) and run both of them to see which of the two versions converts the best.

Once you have established that fact, then use the better performing version as your control page, and test that control page against yet another variation. You allow both of these variations to run until you have sufficient visitor statistics to make any results that you are seeing valid, and then do the same thing yet again.

The important thing to note here is that you always use the best performing variation of your page as your control, and any time you create a variation that performs worse than your existing page, then you continue to run with the existing page, rather than changing it.

The importance of constantly testing pages against one another in this manner cannot be over emphasized, so let us look in little more detail at how you might run a simple back to back testing campaign on a page on your website.

The first thing to say is that no element of your webpage should be ignored when you are testing, but for a simple back to back split test to have any validity you must change only one element of your page at a time.

Back to back testing should be an ongoing process, and one that starts from a macro level and gradually works down to the finite (micro) details.

For example, if you are want to split test different versions of your headline, then you should off by changing only the headline, but do so completely. You might start your test with one headline that reads “*Tons* Of Ultra- Responsive Targeted Traffic To Your Website – Even If You Are An Online Marketing Newbie!” whilst the other reads “The Secret Way To Drive A Truckload Of Targeted Visitors to Your Site Starting Today”.

These two headlines could not be any more different, so you are still working at the ‘macro-level’ by making large scale changes. That is generally how you would start your back to back testing campaign.

You then need to have a reasonable number of visitors to both of these pages so that you can ascertain which one performs better.

Of course, the more visitors you manage to land on your site before you decide to decide which page to keep and which to lose, the more valid that decision will be. On the other hand, however, driving too many visitors to a page that is not converting well is wasting one of your most valuable assets, your site traffic.

So, there is a balancing act to be performed between jumping in to curtail the test too quickly, and allowing too many visitors to view your test pages before you decide to make a decision.

Sometimes implementing all of these things and applying so many changes can be daunting.  Where do you start?  What do you start with?  How do you do all of this? 

Because we know the world of online marketing can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming we’d love to chat and offer some help, advice and insights.  Go ahead and click here to set up a complimentary Discovery Session where we’ll dig in to learn all about what you’re offering to the world, what makes your ideal client tick, and determine what’s the best plan of action you can take towards online domination It may be the best move you make this year. 🙂

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