Thank-YouAs online businesses and online entrepreneurs we are ever pursuing the ‘holy grail’ of conversion.  We drive traffic to our website, our blog, our freebies and our offers hotly pursuing the ever coveted ‘click’ (opt-in, sale, share, etc.)… and well for many businesses once this happens they just thank the visitor with a simple ‘thank you page’ and move on.


After putting so much effort into driving traffic and THEN converting that traffic why stop with a simple ‘thanks’?  Thank you pages are one of the hottest pieces of online real estate and yet so many entrepreneurs are over-looking this.

I mean once the visitor has reached the ‘thank you’ page that means they are at least digging you a little, right?  And if they have gone so far as to actually click the ‘buy now’ button then they are really digging you.  So why end this date at dinner? 🙂

You see once has a visitor has reached one of these ‘thank you’ pages they are in a sense raising their hand and proclaiming, “hey I like you… I like what you’re saying or have to offer… let’s go a little further” and what this means is that they are in ‘yes mode’.  They are in the mode of totally digging you (and trust me this won’t last very long… the next internet shiny object is just waiting on the next page 🙂 ) so why waste this opportunity?

So how do you maximize this opportunity and increase conversions? 

Let’s dig deeper into how you can leverage these usually missed opportunities…

First thing is to GET CLEAR & DECIDE what you want to do after the initial conversion. 

What do you want people to do after they convert?


It’s so important for you to think about and plan out what you want to happen after you generate a new lead, and what you want them to do now that you have their attention.

If you want something to happen, you can’t just want it, you can’t just hope it will happen, you can’t just assume it would or should happen, you have to facilitate it happening! 

So take advantage of this magic moment right after the visitor was diggin’ you enough to say, “Yes, I’m in”.  It’s the most opportune time to keep them in your sphere of influence while they’re already “in the mood”.   

So what should you ask them to do on your thank you page?

We’ll give you a bunch of things that you can choose from, depending on your goals, and I suggest you implement them RIGHT AWAY. 

DON’T PROCRASTINATE THIS >>> I know some of you may be thinking that you don’t even have your offers, your funnel and what your profit plan even is mapped out yet, and you’re not really sure yet how one thing you offer leads to the other…. Well you can’t let that stop you!  Don’t overthink this and get stuck.  Because even if you only have ONE THING… even if you only have a freebie, and you don’t even have a program or offer conceived yet… there are STILL things you can and should do on your thank you page to maximize the crap out of your online assets. 

So here are some ideas, and you can implement whatever ones match your goals:

  • Get More Social Followers: Ask them to follow you on a social media network.  This is a great place to do this because you know as we taught you, plastering that kind of stuff all over your web pages where you’re trying to convert, is just a distraction.  But now AFTER you’ve got the conversion, they already like you, so NOW ask them to follow you on social media.  It’s just common sense logic, but again, most people get these things so backwards. 
  • Invite them to a webinar: You can invite them to sign up for a webinar where you’re going to sell something.  Make sure the subject matter is closely related to the goals of the leads you’re capturing and of the landing page they were just on. This is a super cool way of selling high end products and services, and there are even ways to automate the whole process if you’re an introvert, or afraid of stepping up into the spotlight this soon. 
  • Give them a discount coupon (or code): If you give people a discount when they’re not even asking for it, and they don’t have to give you anything in return – they’ll get a great buzz from being treated so well.  This coupon code can be for a specific related product, or it can be a general like 10% off ANYTHING in my store, etc. (and then a good idea would be to give them the link to your store too, haha)
  • Go for a direct upsell, cross sell.  Depending on what they just converted for, if they bought a product or service, you can VERY EASILY upsell them to something more expensive, cross sell them something that compliments what they bought… If you’re using shopping carts and autoresponders like 1ShoppingCart, they have automatic upsell features built right in to do this when people checkout, it’s pretty cool. :
  • Ask them to share whatever they just got with their with friends.  Use social sharing buttons galore here.  But you’ve got to be careful and make sure you’re using the right ones.  Don’t just put a regular share button because that will just share your thank you page!  You want to be able to strategically have them click share (on your thank you page) but the page they are sharing is the lead generation opt-in page.  Got it?  There’s also some other cool things to do to encourage this sharing behavior, by offering bonuses and such.
  • Tell them what to do next. At bare minimum, give them a suggestion of where to go next (based on whatever they were interested in) suggest another page on your site that is closely related to the action they took. Many people enjoy and want a guided experience. Tell them what to do, and they’ll do it. Use only a single link for this and send them to a “Greatest Hits” or “Top 10” list page that shows off the very best content and information you have to offer.

    So what shape are your thank you pages in?

    Robin and I created a fabulous resource that may help you with your landing pages and thank you pages. Just click here to download our “Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Creating Highly Profitable Landing Pages”

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