coach-guruEver met someone with an English literature degree?

If you did it probably wasn’t very memorable 🙂

Or worse… someone with a ‘Medieval English Literature’ degree?

Who even knew that was something you went to college for, right?

I mean 1000’s of dollars of year in education to major in…

…Harry Potter? 🙂

Or become an expert in Beowulf?

Funny thing is Robin has 2 cousins both studying abroad and majoring in each of the above.

And it got us talking about this in light of the coaching industry.

You see the 2 degrees above are really only good for one thing.

I mean, really, what the heck is ‘Medieval English Lit.’ gonna do for you in the real world?

Absolutely nothing!

The only thing one can do with such a useless piece of post-consumer, recycled paper (or ‘degree’ 🙂 ) is teach others the same thing.

So it turns out that colleges across the country are sort of issuing degrees that equip folks to indulge in an educational Ponzi scheme…

(insert chuckle here)

They teach folks who can’t DO anything with said teaching other than just go ‘teach’ others…

…and so the madness perpetuates.

Fast-forward to the coaching industry.

How many coaches out there have these same degrees?

You know, the folks who just regurgitate what they JUST learned on a free webinar… Or something they heard from a REAL expert…

The big difference is that the real expert is teaching, training and sharing based on REAL life action…

They’re doing the things they teach daily.

They’re getting results for themselves FIRST…

The ‘Guru’ with an English Lit. degree (or coach 🙂 ) can only pass along some regurgitated meander.

We actually see this almost every day…

…Worse is when clients come to us after they’ve been hoodwinked by some jackwagon ‘Guru’ purporting themselves as an expert.

And it kind of pisses us off. (Justifiably so, I might add)

If it pisses you off and you’re looking to get real results based on what is actually working right now…

Robin and I would love to chat with you and see if we’re a good fit.

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