list-buildingAfter the feedback we received last week about our ‘list building BBQ’ we totally had to come back and share some awesome tips on how you can maximize your list building efforts. We LOVE pointing out the BS, non-sense and un-proven theories out there but we REALLY love sharing some REAL, PRACTICAL tips you can use right now to explode your list growth.

When it comes to list building one of the most effective and important strategies is to diversify. I spent some time years ago in stock investing (yeah, I actually used to trade options like a mad day trader 🙂 ) and I always remember hearing, “Diversify your portfolio” And that same idea applies to list building.

You definitely do NOT want to rely on simply putting an opt-in form on your home page and calling it a day. The more options you provide and the easier you make it for people to say yes to your offers the more effective your efforts will be.

So we wanted to peel back the curtain a bit more and share the top 2 places you MUST be utilizing to increase opt-in rates. Ready?

Use your website as effectively as possible.

Don’t let people leak from your website. Put opt-ins anywhere and everywhere it makes sense. Put these jokers everywhere. Have lots of ways to opt-in (survey, free gift, quiz, subscribe, etc.) But don’t get obnoxious with your forms. Put some thought into where you place them, they should be a natural extension to the content you’re giving. They should be a helper to your visitor, not a nuisance. So think of it as if you were a stranger visiting for the first time, if you were talking about blogging tips on your blog… wouldn’t it be a great help to your visitor, if they were liking that, to now offer them a free gift about making money with their blog? Perfect natural extension.

Here are some goldmine locations on your website to be sure you’re using to full potential.

Home Page

Everyone knows that you should have a freebie on your home page, but what you probably don’t know is that by having TWO opt-ins on your home page, you increase your conversions by as much as 17%. WOW! So the best mix for this is to have a combo of two different things… a free gift & a self-assessment/quiz… or a free gift & poll or survey, etc. Doing this will absolutely increase the number of folks you get on your list.  And that’s the goal, right?

About Page

This one is huge!  Just adding this into your mix will greatly increase your efforts and skyrocket your opt-ins.

Here’s the thing. People are addicted to reading ‘about’ pages. It’s one of the most visited pages on a website (if your home page is done right). People get to your home page and they get a taste of what you stand for, what you do, your personality, who you serve… and they’re diggin’ it… then they want to be nosy and learn more about you… it’s just human nature… they want to know the PERSON behind what they were diggin’… and it’s usually the second thing they do after visiting a home page they like (whether you want them to or not). They just want to ‘confirm’ or ‘discredit’ their first impression of you by getting a behind the scenes peek at who you REALLY ARE.

So this is a powerful place to add a free offer or some way for them to opt-in. If you look at our ‘about page‘ (  you’ll see we tell our story. Then as a natural extension to our story… we’re like, “Hey we learned all this great stuff on our journey… oh by the way… do YOU want to learn the first thing we did?” BAM! Here’s a fun little quiz.

But if you were to sprinkle these opportunities, asking for opt-ins a few times, you’ll be really surprised at how fast your about page builds your list!

It’s really that simple.

These two areas were actually just scratching the surface.  We have 5 more list building hot spot areas on your website that we’ll be sharing on our upcoming webinar… along with some other great ways to find + get ready-to-buy fanatics into your tribe…

So if you’re totally digging what you read and want to learn simple + effective ways to build your list… then you definitely don’t want to miss our upcoming free webinar on Tuesday June 17th “List Building Machine” – The Proven System To Build A Money-Making List Of Over 1,000 People In The Next 90 Days” Click here to reserve your seat for “List Building Machine”

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