Top 20 Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

improve-your-linkedin-profile-imageLinkedIn is growing daily and more and more entrepreneurs, sales professionals, business coaches and small business owners are recognizing the tremendous power and leveragability of LinkedIn. The key to success with LinkedIn is having a well optimized profile that speaks a clear message and invites engagement from those who be the best connections for you. With this in mind we created a “Top 20” list of tips and ideas that YOU can implement to improve your LinkedIn profile and maximize your usage.

 Here’s how you can improve your LinkedIn profile below:

  1. Profile Completeness – Fill in more parts of your profile. Make sure your profile is 100% complete!
  2. Picture – Avoid holiday pictures. LinkedIn is a business website. Make your first professional impression a good one. Use a headshot where you gently smile.
  3. Professional Headline – Your Professional Headline is the most important aspect of your LinkedIn Profile. Make sure to words other people use to find you and use words to make them want to click through.
  4. Public Profile URL – If you want to be found on LinkedIn and in search engines like Google, make sure you use your name in the URL of your Public Profile.
  5. Summary – Avoid using jargon in your Summary. You can use jargon in specialties. Use words that people will use in a search for someone with your expertise.
  6. Specialties – Show the visitor what your expertise is. Use full names and abbreviations. You can use jargon, but don’t overdo it.
  7. First person instead of third person – When you write about yourself in the third person in your own Profile, it looks like it is not you. It depersonalizes your profile and makes it look like an advertisement instead of you as a person who wants to connect with people.
  8. Results instead of function – It is more powerful when you write about the results you contributed to than when you just mention a function or a project.
  9. Other people’s words instead of our own. – When you want to be found, use the words people use when they search for someone with your expertise.
  10. Previous jobs – results and projects Help people to get to know your skills and talents better. You don’t have to make it long, but write about a few projects and results.
  11. Specific Recommendations – Vague recommendations are not worth a lot, especially if you only have a few. Ask for a replacement.
  12. Associations and clubs – Help your fellow members find you. Help people find commonalities. This helps to build relationships.
  13. Personal Interests – Show you are a human being with hobbies and interests, not only a walking resume.
  14. Named Websites – Replacing terms like “Company Website” by “Other” and then an appealing description will invite people to visit your website.
  15. Share expertise with blog application – A blog is an excellent tool to share ideas and tips with people from your network. If you or the organization you work for has a blog, you can easily link it to your Profile.
  16. Share expertise with Slideshare application – An even easier medium to share knowledge and tips are PowerPoint slides. Join Slideshare for free, upload your slides and link them with your Profile.
  17. Share tips with Amazon Reading List application – When you have a read a book, you can make a link with Amazon and rate the book. In this way visitors of your profile can get ideas which books might be interesting to them and it also helps them to get to know you better.
  18. Share tips with application – This application is the easiest to share different types of documents (Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, Mind Maps, …). Disadvantage: it is visually less attractive.
  19. Share tips with Google Presentation application If you have an interesting movie clip in which you share tips or in which people speak objectively about an organization (so no commercials!), use Google Presentation in combination with YouTube (read the book to find out why this is better than using SlideShare for video). Of course you can also share PowerPoint presentations and other document types with this application.
  20. Events application – Share which events you are attending. In that way it becomes easier for other people and for yourself to contact each other before and after the event. On the one hand this helps you prepare, on the other hand it is easier to follow up and stay in touch.
  21. Strategically maintaining your LinkedIn presence takes time. If you are serious about laying claim to your territory within the marketplace of your prospective patients, customers or clients on LinkedIn – the time to act is now (knowing that your competition is already developing loyal networks at this moment)!  Make sure you check out our “LinkedIn Lead Generator System” and learn how you can transform LinkedIn into a lead generating machine for YOUR business.

    Wherever you and your business falls on the social media marketing assessment scale, we should definitely communicate about your goals and marketing strategy.

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