lead-generation-tipsOne of the things Robin and I hear all the time, from our private clients, Game Changer students and in our Marketing Mega Minds Facebook group is; “How do I generate more leads, more consistently?” 

Have you ever thought that?  I mean, you’ve got your freebie, you’re out there on social media, you’re schmoozing it up at network events but it seems like a feast or famine endeavor, right?

Lead generation shouldn’t be so hard and time consuming!

Because we hear this so often and it seems like something almost everyone needs and wants to get better at we decided to peel back the curtain a little bit and share our top 3 lead generation tips with you. 

Here goes…

Lead Generation Tip #1 – Create An Irresistible Offer

Whenever we work with clients to prepare a program, webinar or launch we ALWAYS start with the offer.  Everything else hinges around this.  The offer has to be so juicy and irresistible that people almost feel like they HAVE to act.  As if, NOT acting is just downright ‘unwise’. 

Sometimes adding in bonuses or extra incentives can really beef up an offer but beware of trying to use the ‘discount’ model too heavily. 


If you’re offering a program for say… $299… DON’T try to fool people into believing that it is actually “valued” at $4,000 or some ridiculous amount.  Be honest in your offer.  If you sell the program normally for $1200 but want to make a very special offer to a select few or for a specified time then be real with it.

We’ve seen this back fire in many faces because the offer was great but when this ‘discounting’ model rolled in it actually made the offer unbelievable and we all know that “suspicious people don’t buy”…

Make your offers juicy BUT… be real, be honest and reward fast action takers.

Lead Generation Tip #2 – Calls-to-Action

Once someone completes a form on your website (converted as a lead of some sort), don’t stop there.. Once someone reaches a “thank you page,” the page that a visitor arrives on after completing a form, use that space as an opportunity to promote more offers and content.

I can’t tell you how much success we’ve had with our clients when they apply even this one simple tip.  (hear it from them here) Once people are in the whole “digging you” phase i.e. they’ve downloaded your freebie or watched your video training… this is prime time to make another offer, whether for a certain product, offer or even to follow you on social media.

Lead Generation Tip #3 – Landing Page Power

More Landing Pages… More Lead Opportunities

The more content, offers, and landing pages you create, the more opportunities to generate leads and sales you create.  Period.  This one sounds simple but it is highly powerful. 

Creating multiple landing pages for offers, freebies and specials increases your lead generation opportunities by more than half.  According to a recent report, companies see a 55% increase in leads by increasing landing pages from 10 to 15.  Wow!  55% increase by simply adding more landing pages.

Along with increasing your lead generation potential adding more landing pages will also provide with key data you need to test, tweak and perfect your offers.  And YES… you definitely need to testing… ALWAYS!!

These are all great places to start.  You can easily take just one of these lead generation tips, apply them to your business and start seeing results very quickly.

So here’s where we apply our own advice… 🙂 if you’ve been floundering around trying to “figure this stuff out” for yourself but feel like you’re not really getting anywhere then we may need to chat! 

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