Ever Wonder How To Create Fanatics Instead of Just Names on Your List?

The other day during one of our Marketing Game-Changer training calls one of the students asked me, “How do I create fanatics around my brand, business or movement?”  Great question, right?  Do you use Social Media?  Is it simply ‘online marketing’? Do I need a ‘secret formula’?  These are probably questions you’ve thought or wondered to yourself a few times.  Well the answer was actually pretty simple.

Have a pair!

What?  Did he just say that?

Sure did!  And that’s exactly what I told our student.

The answer is very well summed up in that simple statement.  Everyone has an opinion but NOT everyone has the boldness (had a better word in mind but wanted to keep it clean:) ) to share that opinion or view point.  People who create loyal followings and ‘fanatics’ are those who give a voice to their followers.  Those who share the thoughts, opinions and points of view that their followers wish they had the ‘boldness’ to share themselves.

One of the most common places where we see ‘fans’ is in the music industry, right?  Well more often than not people are ‘fans’ of a particular artist because that artist sings about, raps about, talks about, embodies something those fans agree with, a life experience they’ve had or something they wish they ‘could’ be.





Your Business Must Be Their Voice!

You’re probably wondering how this applies to business and more importantly; YOUR business, right?  Don’t worry I’m getting there.  One of the things we teach and believe very firmly is that there may be 1000 people who ‘do’ what you do but there is only one you.  There is really only one business like yours.


The thing that will separate your business and cause people to flock to you and become loyal ‘fans’ is your unique perspective.

Look at the world around you.  What pisses you off?  What makes you happy?  What are your opinions?  Now look at how those things relate to your business.  If you’re a web designer do you have a ‘controversial’ opinion on how a website should be built?  Or does it piss you off to see horrible designs that don’t do crap for the business owner?  Well embrace that.  Take a stand and draw a line in the sand.  Let people know where you stand on this and you’ll be amazed at how many others who share that opinion or view will come out of the woodwork and flock to you.

Or perhaps you’re in the health industry.  Look around you.  Is there some ‘health fad’ that you just know is hype?  Did Dr. Phil share something that you know is total B.S.?  Well, chances are you’re not alone.  And chances are even greater that there are a ton of people who want to ‘hear a rally cry’ around that opinion but just don’t have the cojones to be the first to step out.


Step Out With Boldness

The magnetic quality of this principle is really amazing.  We’ve seen it in action in our business so many times.  We see something that ticks us off or breaks our heart or something we think is an injustice.  We write about it or post about it on Social Media and tons of people come out agreeing, sharing and commenting.  What happened is that we gave those people a ‘voice’.  We said what they’ve always wanted to say but just didn’t have the ‘boldness’ to say.

So I’ll say it again; if you want to create real, loyal fanatics who eat up everything you put out then you better ‘get a pair’!  Period.  It may seem scary to take a stand or be controversial but you’ll be amazed at the response you get.

This is just one tiny way that you can drastically improve your ability to make money online.

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