Using LinkedIn Marketing to Effectively Reach Your Target Market

LinkedIn, simply put, is the world’s largest professional network with over 120 million users and members worldwide. LinkedIn has become the hub for professional networking, ideas, discussion and engagement and is growing every day. Linlinkedin-marketing-advertising-networking-imagekedIn prides itself in “giving you the keys to control your online identity”. A LinkedIn profile is highly indexed by Google and rises to the top of search results very quickly when optimized correctly.

Because LinkedIn is highly searchable both internally and externally creating targeted, optimized profile is key to success on LinkedIn. Building your profile around specific keyword and phrases can shoot you to the top of search results and increase your exposure very quickly.

Facebook has received most of the accolade when it comes to social media and social media for business but here are a few stats that show just how effective LinkedIn marketing is and can be for business:

Average Household Income

Facebook User – $61,000

LinkedIn user – $109,000

Percentage of Decision Makers (Per Site)

Facebook – 30%

LinkedIn – 67%

These figures tell us that both the money to make the purchase AND the person who can make the actual buying decision are found on LinkedIn. This tells me, as a business owner, I should be there too!


LinkedIn connections are the people and business you are connected to on LinkedIn. Connections can play a very important role in developing a strategic plan for marketing on LinkedIn. Many people look to just increase the amount of connections they have while the quality of those connections is very poor or has very little benefit to their business or professional goals. Creating strategic connections that will help you grow your business or cause is what LinkedIn is all about.

Once you have connected with an individual you have the option of sending them a message. This is probably one of the most important elements to strategic connection; Introduction.

After connecting, send your new connect a “welcoming” email extending your expertise and time and let them know a little about you with a link to your website. If you have a free eBook or webinar series this is the time to share it with them.

How do I get “strategic” connections you may ask? LinkedIn Groups and your existing connections are great places to meet and engage with “strategic” connections. (See below)

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are individual forums and discussion groups of like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners. LinkedIn Groups is one of the most effective mediums to create conversation and engagement around your brand, service or products. Creating strategic conversations is what LinkedIn Groups is all about. Because Groups is an open discussion forum engagement is encouraged and expected therefore discussions around products or services should be open-ended and inviting response NOT “Hey, buy my products” but rather “Have you’re efforts to grow your opt-in list been effective?” This question invites engagement and opens dialogue for you, the entrepreneur or sales professional, to respond and engage with the person while building a relationship. People will generally be very honest and you can see who may be a prospective lead or who may need more information and you can begin the relationship process here.

Summing Up

In summing up effective marketing and online marketing is all about communication and the way we communicate. Consider the following story:

A marketing professional walks out of her Manhattan office building after work to find a homeless man holding a sign that said, “Blind and homeless. Please Help.” He was sitting there for days without getting any change. She asked the man for the sign and wrote on the back and walked away. A few minutes later he heard change fall into his cup and then suddenly more and more as the day went on. The next day he heard the women come out of her office for the day and stopped her to ask, “Yesterday you took my sign and wrote on it. What did you say?” she answered, “Same message… just different words.” She then read the new sign to him, “It’s a beautiful day, and I can’t see it.”

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