Ever been to a website, sales page or opt-in page and thought, “Man, that sounds amazing” or felt like everything you were reading was speaking right to you and your situation?  Almost as if the content was just jumping off the page and compelling you to take action?  I’ve heard it said often lately that “Content is King” and if that is so then “Copy” is definitely Queen and I might be willing to say it has a close bid for that “Kingly” spot.  So what this really means is that your website’s conversion strategy (if you have one in place) must travel beyond simply producing “content” to creating real, genuine copy that speaks to the heart and problems of your audience so clearly and strongly that they just can’t help but to take the desired action.

website-sales-copyYour Website MUST Be More Than a Cool “Digital Brochure”…

If you read my article a few weeks back I demonstrated how “content marketing” has to be much more than just simply creating “content”, it has to create a situation and environment that produces tremendous value for your visitors and prospects making them want to share, recommend and engage with you over and over again.  The same rings true for your website and website copy.

We just recently launched a brand new website a few months back and while we were tempted to focus on the look and aesthetics first we recognized that the most important piece of our website was the copy and how our message was communicated, delivered and perceived by our target audience.  We spent months developing, tweaking and retweaking every piece of written copy that went up and even after we thought we had it right we tweaked it again. 

Why?  Because we know that a website is much more than just a “digital brochure” it’s usually your customer’s or potential customer’s first interaction with you and your business.  In the growing digital and internet marketing age your website is now serves as your store front.  A website can very often make or break your business in just a few seconds.

Here’s How You Can Start Fixing It…

Having said that one of the most important pieces to this formula are your headlines.  No one reads those lengthy, drawn out headlines or the ones that promise the world and just look over fluffy.  Let’s be real!  Most of us are real people selling real products and services to real world people.  We need to communicate effectively with genuine benefits and expectations.  Here are a few simple guidelines to follow when writing your headlines:

  • Be specific
  • Be succinct
  • Focus on 1 specific thing that your prospects believe to be highly desirable (that you provide)
  • Be clear
  • Quickly reflect the visitor’s expectations
  • Minimize the adjectives
  • NEVER double up adverbs

If there’s something unique or individual about you or your services and products then add that into the mix as well.  Also remember many of your visitors may have never heard of you or your business so try to add your brand name or what you do into the headline.

NEVER Stop Testing…

Lastly, and this is the most important take away from all of this; test, test and then test again.  We are always telling our clients and colleagues, “Never stop testing!”  even after we launched our new site we monitored it very, very closely and made adjustments based on activity and conversion goals.  Once you have a headline or website copy that you think is amazing give it a test.  See how your audience responds.  If they respond well don’t settle, test it again.  Sometimes one minor tweak can make a world of difference but you’d never know if you weren’t willing to test it.  So go ahead test those headlines and copy until your website is a conversion machine!

I really want you to think about how your business will look when:

  • Your website is consistently attracting the right people
  • The visitors to your website are consistently converting into leads and new clients

This would be awesome, right?

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